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Guns In The News

When police attempted to intimidate his family and seize his guns without a warrant, a veteran father stood up for his constitutional rights and refused.

Most of us are on the same side. We want to be safe. I urge you to take that safety into your own hands like these women did, because as the saying goes, when you need help in seconds, the police are only minutes away.

The United States quietly agreed to an alarming gun control agreement presented by the UN to track “the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons.”

What will happen if Trump’s pro-gun nominees clash with his alleged support for red-flag gun control laws?

Her story is a powerful example of why law-abiding citizens should always be armed.

During a recent interview, fired FBI director James Comey called more gun control against the peasants, but not for the ruling class he was a part of for so long. Comey also said the NRA propagates “lies” in order to keep Americans armed against their rulers.

ZKZM-500 is reportedly now ready for mass production and to be used by China’s military and police only (not a big surprise there since we all know that the slaves don’t get any form of protection against the ruling class).

The suspect in the Annapolis Shooting did not carry an ID and mutilated his own fingers so that he would not be identified by police.

Yes, New Jersey, ex post facto laws are unconstitutional and those who advanced this bill are breaking the law.

Instead of letting criminal politicians like Maxine Waters and others, as well as the media, turn us against each other to the point of bloodshed, why don’t we demand that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?