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Guns In The News

If you voted Republican to protect your 2A rights, you were betrayed.

CNN should be ashamed of itself. Kyle Kashuv is the one Douglas High School student currently speaking out that is actually worth listening to.

The Obama team was hell bent on finding ways to take law abiding citizens firearms, but they were also simultaneously searching for ways to keep guns in the hands of certain criminals?

A Florida man has become the first person in the state to have his due process removed and his guns taken before he was determined to be mentally unfit and before he was accused of a crime.

David Hogg is not responsible for the actions of these criminals;  however, these crimes would not have been committed against the mega-retailer had these children not been participating in the walkout urged by Hogg.  Hogg has yet to issue a statement condemning the criminal acts occurring during the protest he urged school students to participate. 

A high school student was suspended after he made the choice to stay in the classroom while other students participated in the 17-minute walkout for gun control.

Young adults and high school students standing in support of the right to keep and bear arms are coming out to voice their concern over the people control agenda of gun control.  These individuals need support in the face of peer pressure to “conform” or face bullying for their views.

The goal was to make sure this video goes viral, letting it be known that there are many out there who want not only gun rights destroyed in favor of a more powerful government (because that’s never ended badly before ever, right?) while also stripping your right to free speech away.  Liberty and freedom shouldn’t be taboo. No matter how hard anyone in the government, the media, or leftists try to spin it, freedom is not extreme.  Controlling others is extreme.

As Baltimore’s schools crumble and students are forced to sit in classrooms with dangerously low temperatures, the mayor is spending $100,000 on busing students to a gun control rally.