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Reuters failed to mention the company’s subsequent financial arrangement with gun-control lobbyists, a fact that led Springfield Armory, Hi-Point Firearms, Inland, Mossberg, Hogue and other firearm firms to summarily sever business relationships with the big-box chain.

Emma Gonzalez is a professional actress. If she’s an actress that just happened to be a real Parkland student (doubtful but possible) that’s fine. If she’s a crisis actor that has been fooling hundreds of millions of people, it’s not fine.

Sorry, Islamists and gun-control activists: Not on my watch: The U.S. Constitution protects my right of free expression, and my right of self-defense. Pardon me while I draw a cartoon, and then practice at the gun range.

Ruger was able to increase the GP100’s capacity to seven rounds by simply decreasing the spacing between the chambers of the revolver’s fluted cylinder and by altering the timing and placement of the cylinder latch lockup points.

If the hypothetical scenario of getting shot in the gun hand and having to continue the fight with the support hand is rarer than left-handed albino Lotto winners with perfect pitch, why all this emphasis on shooting one-handed, and especially, shooting one-handed with just the hand you don’t normally use to shoot?

All right, we’ll address the most-obvious issue right off the bat here: “budget” and “.50 BMG” are two words that probably don’t belong in the same sentence. Any gun that burns a minimum of $3 with each pull of the trigger definitely isn’t what we’d call a “common man’s” rifle,

No science can be better than its linguistic apparatus allows it to be. And the language of psychiatry (and psychoanalysis) is fundamentally unfaithful to its own subjects: in it, imitating medicine comes before telling the truth.

The 24-year-old who killed two and wounded 10 others after losing a video game this weekend had taken psychiatric medication linked to suicide and violence.

This kind of thing is going to keep happening as long as the medical community continues to pump our young people full of anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications.

We have seen that mass shootings can happen literally anywhere.  We have raised a valueless generation that has no moral foundation, and we have pumped them full of all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs that are messing with their heads.