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Guns In The News

While London is an ostensibly gun-free zone and ever-increasingly a knife-free zone, a number of the killings have been shootings, while others have been committed with knives. Looks like no amount of gun control will ever work.

New York’s long-established culture of corrupt and weaponized use of government power is a stain on the state, not something to be made official policy and extended to the country as an example to emulate.

Questions about self-defense have been raised after the British government kidnapped and starved a couple’s son to death and a case in America shows things could’ve played out different had Brits been armed.

Five states including Washington allow guns to be confiscated before a crime has been committed. Similar measures have been proposed in 18 other states, including Florida, plus the District of Columbia.

Borrowing from the old American Express commercial: Your personal defense gun: Don’t leave home without it. And I would add one more proverb: Your liberty defense gun (the AR-15 and similar semi-automatic rifles): Don’t ever surrender it.

It is a mercy of God that we are still in a position to right the wrongs by remaining armed. America’s sin is before God (Numbers 32:23), and until America repents and turns from her wicked ways, the judgments of God are not only going to continue, they are going to increase (Leviticus 26:14-39).

We finally found somebody the Broward County sheriffs deputies are willing to take on in a school… An unarmed kid.

Proving the notion that deranged lunatics hell bent on taking innocent lives will carry out their demented plans with or without guns, Canada’s deadliest mass killing in decades was conducted with a van.

The Effingham County Board approved the resolution 8-1 on Monday which declares that they will not enforce gun laws that “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.”

I wonder how many pastors across the country even bother to mention the significance of this day from their pulpits. Worse, I wonder how many people in the congregation even miss it when they don’t.