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Somewhere, perhaps in Snapchat’s headquarters on the west side of Los Angeles, in the sunny beachside community of Venice, the question of what to do about this story must have come up. Maybe even one or more of the former Stanford University students who founded Snapchat in 2011—Evan Spiegel, Bobby

While the Colt 1911, Smith & Wesson revolver and even Glock G17 are iconic handguns whose very outlines are instantly recognizable, there’s another heavy-hitting pistol that’s becoming a Hollywood star in its own right. Whenever Hollywood is looking for the “pistol di tutti pistols,” it turns to the Desert Eagle,

1. Boasting a distinctive look that is as eye-catching as it is practical, the Cold Steel Dragon Walking Stick features scales that span the full length of the high-grade polypropylene body, a material that assures impressive strength, durability and resistance to the elements. A snarling visage with fearsome fangs adorn

This Glock G35 got the author thinking about making guns multi-caliber capable and avoiding ammo panics. As this is being written, we have just experienced a presidential election many feared would end in the election of an outspokenly anti-gun POTUS and signal the beginning of a new round of coordinated

If you read Shooting Illustrated regularly, you’re probably not the type who’ll settle for making do with whatever shotgun you happen to own, even if it’s not ideal for home defense. But many Americans are. Fact is, any gun in the home is better than none for self-defense, and many

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA – -( “Today’s testimony … should be embarrassing to everybody who does or did carry an ATF badge,” retired Special Agent Vince Cefalu asserted to members of the CleanUpATF forum. “Clearly the Dem side of the committee had NO interest in providing oversight…” He

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. OLYMPIA, WA –-( Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) cheered the defeat today of Washington’s House Bill 1122 by Rep. Ruth Kagi, a measure which sought to imprison parents or family members for injuries of minors and criminals when an unauthorized user accesses a firearm. Said

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA -( No doubt, you have heard the recent debates over dismantling the anti-gun ObamaCare law. For six years now, congressional Republicans have campaigned on the promise that they would repeal ObamaCare on the first day that the GOP controlled Congress and the White

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA -( The bipartisan bill to repeal Colorado’s Switchblade and Gravity Knife ban SB 17-008, overwhelmingly passed the House 59-6. The bill legalizes the possession, carry and sale of a gravity knife or switchblade by removing such knives from the definition of “illegal weapon.”

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. NASHVILLE, TN –-( The Tennessee Firearms Association’s Executive Director, John Harris, today called on the Leadership and Members of the Tennessee General Assembly to move SB0131 and HB0493 to the respective floors for a full debate and final passage. This groundbreaking piece of legislation