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Article first appeared at – Engel Ballistic Research Inc., (EBR) is offering specialized ammunition for big game hunters and avid target shooters. EBR’s wide range of subsonic and frangible ammunitions – originally designed for law enforcement and military-specific use – will now be available for purchase within civilian markets.

Article first appeared at – Conservative lawmakers, diligently working to abolish Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law – the NYS SAFE Act, said they will never stop fighting for Second Amendment rights for all New Yorkers. “Sadly, the Second Amendment in New York State is under continued

Article first appeared at – NJ2AS EXCLUSIVE: Undercover video shows blatant and open discrimination in processing firearm’s applications at Orange Police Department in NJ. Detective Sergeant Chris Garey is documented discussing the various ways he has denied firearms permits for women, the elderly, and other groups. He tells a

Article first appeared at – Telling shocking lies on TV keeps viewers watching the channel, but those lies do a crappy job at informing the general public. That is true for both the US mainstream media, and true for the British Broadcasting Company. Looking elsewhere for our news sounds

Article first appeared at – Strict controls on the ownership and use of guns have been enacted in a number of polities in the United States.   One of the supposed purposes of such laws is to reduce the murder rate.  Murder rates in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)

Article first appeared at – The Liberals’ proposed gun law reforms are “just bizarre,” says a member of the committee advising Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on firearms issues. Tony Bernardo, who sits on the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, took aim at several promised gun law changes, especially one

Back in 2011, we facetiously noted that innocent Americans were being added to terror watchlists and No-Fly lists at an alarming pace. So much so, we opined, that by 2020 every person in the United States would be deemed a terrorist and that the entire world would be on a

Article first appeared at – At a special ceremony at Smith & Wesson’s headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts, company President and CEO, James Debney, celebrated the millionth Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistol and thanked employees for their contributions to its success. Originally introduced at the NRA Annual Meeting and

Article first appeared at – In my email to remind everyone that the November 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting would be the last one for this year and our next one will be in January, I finished the letter that much can change in two months and that was also

Article first appeared at – Previously only made for the U.S. Government, Okay Industries AR-15 .223/5.56 magazines are now available commercially for manufacturers, law enforcement and civilian shooters. Coveted by U.S. soldiers, Government Agencies and sought after by civilian shooters alike, OKAY magazines are renowned for reliable feeding and