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We know by now not to be surprised when the automatic reaction of politicians at home and abroad to atrocities in which killers wreak as much destruction as possible upon crowds of unarmed citizens is to more strictly regulate guns. Living in a fantasy world in which the number of

Article first appeared at – I think we scare the elites. Today, average folks like us can get our news from a thousand different sources. Unfiltered by the mainstream media, we witness the growing corruption between government and crony businessmen. We see the growing gap between what the mainstream

The holiday season is officially upon us and if you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping, you have probably—in the very least—started making a mental check of list of what you would like to buy. Giving the gift of firepower, especially to the gun enthusiast, is an excellent idea.  However,

Article first appeared at – By now, we’ve all heard about the atrocities in Paris; Islamist terrorists driving through the streets randomly shooting people, Islamist terrorists wrapping themselves in explosives and nuts and bolts, and blowing themselves and innocents apart, Islamist terrorists strolling into a crowded music venue and

Article first appeared at – LWRC International introduces its all new DI rifle scheduled to hit dealer shelves this December. Built from the ground up this LWRCI is a completely new Direct Impingement rifle featuring many of the same high performance attributes found in its popular Gas Piston –

Our intrepid legal team, the American Freedom Law Center, which has successfully represented us in numerous free speech lawsuits, has won an important victory for freedom against Hamas-CAIR: “Federal Court Grants AFLC’s Motion to Dismiss CAIR Lawsuit against Florida Gun Store’s ‘Muslim Free Zone,’” American Freedom Law Center, November 24,

Article first appeared at – We know that a BulletSafe vest, will stop a .50 Cal Desert Eagle, but what does that bullet do against to everyday things? This video hopes to answer the question in a fun manner. This video series has two purposes. One is to demonstrate

Article first appeared at – Don’t wait. Take advantage now of Leica’s “Black Friday” Sales Event to receive special pricing on Leica’s complete lineup of exceptional sport optics. From Nov. 24, 2015 through Dec. 2, 2015, all new Leica binoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders and riflescopes can be purchased for

Article first appeared at – you trust us with your general health. You trust us to care for you, your family and friends 168 million times a year in hospitals across this great nation.  You even trust us to care for your children in 6.3 million hospital stays per year. Yes,

Believe it or not, some citizens shoot better with a revolver than with a semi-auto pistol, and in the real world, slower hits are better than faster misses. It doesn’t matter whether one chooses a revolver because of a deep-seated bias or simply because the revolver seems safer. The concern