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Owing to its modular design, the adaptability of the modern sporting rifle (MSR) is unparalleled; in fact, it’s the only platform with which the highly subjective term “perfection” can be quickly, easily and affordably achieved for a large (and growing) segment of the shooting public. Given the quantity of both

Heckler & Koch (H&K) is well-known for making high-quality pistols, including the P30. Introduced in 2011, it was a well-received, polymer duty handgun that was also appropriate for civilian needs. Many of the H&K faithful, however, clamored for a subcompact model better-suited for concealed carry. Now, the company has responded

Article first appeared at – Concealed carry expansion legislation, Sub. House Bill 48, will likely come up for a floor vote in the Ohio state House of Representatives today, November 17. As previously reported, Sub. HB 48, sponsored by Representative Ron Maag (R-62), would expand where Ohio carry permit

Article first appeared at – Facebook has deemed that pro self defense petitions are offensive! On Saturday, November 14 2015, a petition created by Mr. Christopher Boyle started circulating on Facebook calling for NJ Governor Chris Christie to define “justifiable need” so that the average NJ citizen could apply

Article first appeared at – O.F. Mossberg & Sons is producing a new semi-auto shotgun equipped with a unique European walnut stock designed to fit most family members – as women in particular benefit from the anticipated sub-$1,000 “street price.” The shotgun’s hallmark is a distinctive stock whose innovative

Article first appeared at – The recent introduction of the highly innovative SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division took SHOT Show 2015 by storm. This new line of premium, high performance optics boasts some of the most advanced technology that the industry has ever seen. A member of this all-new SIG

Article first appeared at – Post-apocalyptic fiction and survival nonfiction book publisher Prepper Press announces the release of its most recent book, Air Rifles: A Buyer’s and Shooter’s Guide. Air-powered guns offer many useful possibilities for informed shooters. First, we can mail-order both airguns and their ammunition, which don’t

Article first appeared at – The National Rifle Association issued the following statement in support of Maine resident Harvey Lembo’s legal efforts to protect his Second Amendment rights. Lembo filed suit in Maine Superior Court today seeking a permanent injunction prohibiting his landlord from evicting him for exercising his

Article first appeared at – The political circus returned to Lansing recently. The Gangbanger Protection Act of 2015 (Senate Bill 611) is an attack on everyone’s fundamental human right to self-defense. This bill starts by repealing Michigan’s Self-Defense Act, which became law in 2006 with broad bipartisan support and

Article first appeared at – On Wednesday, Nov. 18th, at 1pm the House Justice Appropriations Subcommittee will hear the Licensed Open Carry bill. Committee members need to hear from you now. It does not matter if you ever intend to carry unconcealed, this is one of the most important