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Guns In The News

Tony Evers has said he will make it harder for people to get concealed carry permits and, like Scott Walker, opposes Constitutional Carry.

These are not the social justice warriors they pretend to be. Repealing the Second Amendment or vilifying and outlawing standard-capacity magazines or their so-called “assault weapons” is not at the top of their agenda. Politics and political control are their real motivation.

Even the best-trained, most-experienced operators get caught off guard. The best you can do is to limit your distractions to pay attention to what matters.

Should we find ourselves in the position of having to defend ourselves against a deadly attack, we can focus on the threat itself and—should it be necessary to do some shooting—we can deliver the goods without hesitation, fumbling or conscious focus on the mechanics of the particular defense gun that we carry. That’s the kind of confidence that wins fights and saves lives.

Cherev Gidon means Sword of Gideon. It’s a biblical reference to the Book of Judges.

The decisions taken by Dick’s violate not only American citizens’ right to Second Amendment freedoms, but also their basic human right to fair business practices.

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security (part of the Naval Postgraduate School) has released a report detailing every school shooting since 1970. Thing is, it uses an array of incidents in which no one was even injured.

Some are even using government power to push financial institutions into not doing business with gun manufacturers.

The MVP Precision is no hasty attempt to catch the chassis trend, but a crafty plot to another understated coup.

We already have laws against criminals possessing guns. 1639, on the other hand, only punishes the good guys for exercising their Second Amendment rights.