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Harris is merely continuing to push the Marxist agenda of gun confiscation because with each pretended and unconstitutional legislation that comes down from people like Harris, come consequences to law-abiding gun owners.

With companies legitimately cutting their ties and distancing themselves from the Second Amendment and real Americans, it’s nice to know that is not the case with some companies like YETI.

There is no God-given “right” to graduate high school.  Education is not a right.  It is a privilege.  Some people get one while others do not.  It is encouraged but it does not trump the rights of law-abiding gun owners any more than those killed in mass shootings.

While I do think he doesn’t have a clue, the fact is that maybe this will stir some of the lemmings up in his movement to actually crack open a history book and read what happens when you start demanding the unlawful things that Hogg is demanding, along with the Communists in our government.

Hogg’s attempt at pushing for a boycott of Fox News host Laura Ingraham backfired on him and now he’s attempting to bully two more companies.

“What should surprise gun owners is that it was a Republican administration that put a gun parts maker out of business — especially since the Obama administration had refused to take such a course of action on several occasions.”

Preparations are being made to celebrate a major victory for the Second Amendment.  The tenth anniversary of the monumental DC v. Heller case will be remembered by Second Amendment supporters in Washington, DC this June and you are invited to attend. “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess

Eighteen-year-old Will Riley is a high school student from New Mexico who is organizing a student-led walkout in support of the Second Amendment.

This is Texas for goodness sakes!  Who in the world is scared of letters on a shirt?

What exactly are they accomplishing here? Nothing, except destroying an inventory that would make them money and money for their stockholders.