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The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right that is to be protected by those in government, not infringed on. 

People given authority in government these days always think they know better than God and so they usurp authority they were not given.

Senator Feinstein hasn’t done any research on the matter.  She merely parrots whatever she wants to parrot despite the fact that she doesn’t tell you the who story.

Hogg would be a perfect example to apply the law to so that others would learn from his lawlessness and carelessness in order to attack the God-given rights of law-abiding Americans, don’t you think?

The major concerns raised by the speakers included ‘red flag laws’, or Gun Confiscation Orders — that will allow the police to take guns from those who have committed no crimes.

It’s really no wonder little Communist David Hogg was rejected from several colleges.  It’s actually a wonder he graduated high school with some of the utter rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

Levi Strauss has shown in the past several decades that they will jump onboard with any current liberal policies, even to the point of producing ads that cannot be played in the United States due to their suggestive nature.

Confirming Kavanaugh will probably not reverse Roe v. Wade nor will it cause more people to be shot.  Far more people are shot an killed every week in a city in the US that has instituted the most tyrannical gun laws in our nation, Chicago.  But Dianne Feinstein would have us follow their model, hoping for different results.

“We’ve been working successfully for firearms owners and we’ve won numerous big battles. Don’t look to us to compromise!” – Gun Owners of Vermont

“When Lankford’s data is revised, the relationship between gun ownership rates and mass public shooters disappears,” Lott and Weisser write.  “How could that be? One possibility is that guns don’t just enable mass shooters; gun owners can also deter and prevent such shootings. Another is that culture — not gun ownership — is a bigger factor in shootings.”