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So, why didn’t the mainstream media pick this story up?  I believe it was because it was criminals who obtained their guns illegally and because they were using handguns, not semi-automatic, scary looking rifles that they could demonize.

While they tell you they support the Second Amendment and that their unlawful policies are consistent with it, nothing could be further from the truth.

This is exactly why the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed for any reason whatsoever.

All these “gun control laws” will not ensure public safety one bit, but they are used as a political agenda to infringe on the rights of the people they swore an oath to serve faithfully and lawfully.

Such action by the Township would be illegal and unconstitutional under both state and federal law.

The irony that a “law center” would promote lawlessness and a lawless politician is truly amazing, but this is exactly how children of the devil work, isn’t it?  They lie and deceive in order to kill, steal and destroy.

Highly trained teachers would also serve as a deterrent to the cowards that do this. Far more assets at much less cost than guards.

I’d almost be willing to bet real money that once this goes into effect and it becomes known that these schools are no longer gun free zones and the teachers and staff are armed, the children at these schools will be fearful of a mass shooter coming to their school.

Good move by the judge in Deerfield, Illinois!  The only thing that would have been better is for the court to rule that the ban was just plain unconstitutional and an infringement upon the people’s rights in that town.