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You have a jihad compound where the body of a 3-year-old boy, which belonged to one of the jihadis, was found.  They were training children to murder American children in school shootings.  Then, the same jihadi’s father is the imam tied to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.  Then, you have New Mexico judge releasing the suspects from jail.  Then, you have the compound being destroyed by bulldozing.  And now this!

As Hogg and other gun confiscators want to use school shootings or the latest shooting at the Madden Championship in Florida to attack the rights of the people, it’s encouraging that someone on the NPR side of things is correcting the issue for the better and pointing out that things are just not what they have been portrayed to be in our media or our government.

In the face of numerous unlawful lawsuits by states that want to shut down the free flow of information and a judge’s preliminary injunction on Monday, to block the publication of Wilson’s gun files, Cody Wilson has determined to ensure that if people want the files, he’ll simply put them on a flash drive and drop them in the mail to purchasers.

The Magpul Summit Sunglasses fit well under helmets, headsets, and over the ear hearing protection thanks to its 8 base wrap and highly flexible low profile temple design.

The MKA 1923 combines the speed and maneuverability of a traditional bullpup with the stopping power of the quintessential shotgun. Making this compact beast the perfect tool for home protection, 3 gun competition or even just some fun on the range.

Trump’s sentiment about removing gun free zones from schools and arming teachers is right on, but his method of doing so is just as unconstitutional as the Department of Education, but Feinstein doesn’t care about that, she just wants gun removed from the people, period.

A Rutherfordton, North Carolina teenager is said to have been “justified” after she shot and killed her mother’s abusive boyfriend as the man was attempting to strangle their mother to death.

We don’t need anymore Communist Democrats from California in DC.  Swalwell is one of many who needs to lose the election come November.

If we had arms training for young boys and girls like we used to, they would have been even better prepared for dealing with their attacker.

I guess these banks think they can just do what they want and the people will never fight back, never speak up and never challenge them.  Looks like Louisiana has had enough of banks with an un-American attitude.