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One armed citizen in Florida, who was licensed to carry concealed, was able to stop a gunman at a children’s event, possibly saving several lives.

This federal judge should know what the Constitution actually says and should have tossed this frivolous lawsuit in the trash where it belongs.  Instead, he is demonstrating he is not even fit to sit on the bench, and the attorney generals of each of these states are demonstrating they are not fit to be in the office they are in.

Robinson encouraged his hearers to do what he’s been doing, standing up for your rights.

This is the best passive ear protection you can get for your money.

The ruling struck down a lower court’s ruling that the Constitution only protects the right to keep and bear arms at home.

This is a huge milestone in the history of our county, and as such, it should be celebrated as a victory. 

While the campus wants to recognize a right to assemble for peaceful protests, why don’t they have the same attitude towards students’ rights to keep and bear arms?

I’m not about to let some hot shot 20-something out of the Bronx take that away from me.  How about you, America?

It’s good to have neighbors who are will to step up and look after each other. 

These people have no idea of what they speak about, but they assure you that they know what they are doing when it comes to attacking your rights.