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This entire incident appears to be highly suspicious for a number of reasons, possibly even staged.

Kane, who rose to power on the votes of anti-Second Amendment advocates in the state, gets one step closer to serving her 10-23 month prison sentence.

This is just one example of why AK-47s are needed by law-abiding citizens.  Get that Senator Feinstein and the rest of you Communist gun confiscators posing as American representatives of the people?

It would be far less expensive and less invasive to simply recognize the right of the people in the matter and let the people do their duty to defend themselves, but this is what I have warned about.  The left attacks our rights head on and the right seeks to grow government without pushing back on what has been infringed.

Each of these laws ultimately are not gun control, but gun confiscation as those who would seek to violate these laws would not only face prison unjustly but also be relieved of any guns they possess.

This is exactly the Columbine school shooter celebrity culture The New York Times claims to bemoan, even as it promotes it, because you can’t get to gun control without some school shootings.

Jason Seaman, the science teacher and football coach, is being hailed as a hero after tackling the shooter and taking a bullet to protect students.

Governor Abbott’s words need to be echoed across our land.  When Americans turn back to God and begin to repent before Him, He has promised He will heal our land, and a lot of that healing will come through true justice, not more gun confiscation.

It’s time we stood up to Communists like Rep. Swalwell and said, “Enough is enough.”  Our representatives are not authorized to restrict or regulate arms in any way, no matter what those arms look like or what you call them.

Senator Murphy is a spineless little man, but sadly, the people of Connecticut continue to re-elect such a man to office.  He is an ignorant, deceitful and conniving man who attacks the Second Amendment and the Constitution, thus attacking citizens of the united States. That’s more like treason to me, senator.