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Sorry, Islamists and gun-control activists: Not on my watch: The U.S. Constitution protects my right of free expression, and my right of self-defense. Pardon me while I draw a cartoon, and then practice at the gun range.

If the hypothetical scenario of getting shot in the gun hand and having to continue the fight with the support hand is rarer than left-handed albino Lotto winners with perfect pitch, why all this emphasis on shooting one-handed, and especially, shooting one-handed with just the hand you don’t normally use to shoot?

No science can be better than its linguistic apparatus allows it to be. And the language of psychiatry (and psychoanalysis) is fundamentally unfaithful to its own subjects: in it, imitating medicine comes before telling the truth.

“When Lankford’s data is revised, the relationship between gun ownership rates and mass public shooters disappears,” Lott and Weisser write.  “How could that be? One possibility is that guns don’t just enable mass shooters; gun owners can also deter and prevent such shootings. Another is that culture — not gun ownership — is a bigger factor in shootings.”

The Magpul Summit Sunglasses fit well under helmets, headsets, and over the ear hearing protection thanks to its 8 base wrap and highly flexible low profile temple design.

We have seen that mass shootings can happen literally anywhere.  We have raised a valueless generation that has no moral foundation, and we have pumped them full of all sorts of pharmaceutical drugs that are messing with their heads.

Handy tips for making sure your rimfire continues to perform to your expectations.

Gun Control in Nazi-Occupied France raises interesting questions about the enforceability of firearms registration, confiscation, and prohibition.  

Since the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and since the Second Amendment declares that the right of the people to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed,” gun control measures ARE NOT law.

While it would certainly be an amazing thought to be able to live in a world without guns, that is simply not the case. Until it is the case, anyone who wants to defend themselves and their family, should be able to do so in any manner they see fit — as the only other option is tyranny.