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What will happen if Trump’s pro-gun nominees clash with his alleged support for red-flag gun control laws?

I’m not about to let some hot shot 20-something out of the Bronx take that away from me.  How about you, America?

Instead of letting criminal politicians like Maxine Waters and others, as well as the media, turn us against each other to the point of bloodshed, why don’t we demand that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? 

The people in this country are being pushed and assaulted on a daily basis, and this is the response tyranny is getting!

The American Medical Association is attempting to present gun ownership as a public health crisis. This began under President Obama’s Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Gun control is one of those issues that numberless Hollywood movies and TV shows have endlessly banged about for generations without changing a single mind.

This is exactly the Columbine school shooter celebrity culture The New York Times claims to bemoan, even as it promotes it, because you can’t get to gun control without some school shootings.

Clearly, this is a knife problem… not a criminal problem. Surely if we just ban assault kitchen knives, they’ll be meek as lambs.

Here is history lesson 101: America’s founding forefathers sent the message loud and clear that crimes (1 John 3:4) will not be tolerated, and justice deters crime.

If we are not careful, or if we do not employ reason to this argument, we will find ourselves in a nation where disagreeing with the “reasonableness” of common sense gun laws is seen as a reason to be red flagged.