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The NRA needs a new CEO who is 100% dedicated to the principles of the Second Amendment, and who has the management skills to completely revamp a multimillion dollar organization from top to bottom.

If you want to get better, don’t practice what you’re already good at. Go after the things you aren’t. The secret isn’t hard work, it is smart work.

Another bill was re-introduced in the Senate by Marco Rubio (Rino-FL) that would do the same as Representative Susan Brooks’ HR 5717, enable the Attorney General to give taxpayer dollars to states that pass their own “Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws.”

A commercial for Double Heart – Eye Vital Capsules from Germany is definitely a commercial you will want to share with your friends, even if you are from the States!

Gun owners don’t expect Time writers to become their cheerleaders overnight; they just want a fair shake, and they got it. Playing on a slanted field has left them jaded, but the members of the DC Project all expressed relief and gratitude at Time’s final product.

People who blame the gun over the killer aren’t looking for real solutions. They’re simply furthering an agenda.

Permitting government officials to make the exercise of one constitutional right contingent upon relinquishing the right to exercise another would destroy the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and enjoyed by everyone. Blinded by their hatred for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, anti-gun advocates appear willing to burn down the entire Bill of Rights along with it.

Requiring a citizen to “prove” they should be “allowed” to exercise a fundamental right should be prima facie unconstitutional.

If there was ever a time to become active and let your voice be heard, it is now.

If the often parroted “If it saves just one life” assertion applies, one could make the case for compulsory background checks and waiting periods before allowing people onto bridges or to buy rope.