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Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s nominee for late Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, addressed a couple of questions of interest to National Rifle Association members in a Senate hearing on Monday. When questioned by U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, about the landmark District of Columbia

This feature appears in the April ‘17 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association.   I’m no expert on so-called “gun-free” zones. In fact, I leave that title to researcher and author John Lott, who you will find answering several questions on this

Magpul’s X-22 Backpacker Stock for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown is pure-genius, greatly increasing the utility of one of the most popular rifles of all time. The replacement stock’s polymer fore-end and buttstock nest and lock together when the gun is taken down, and the former’s barrel block is available with

Pompano Beach, Fla. ( – CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, developed a limited number of the Micro RONI Stabilizer pistol carbine conversion in an interstellar White for a clean, futuristic look. COMMAND ARMS Products The design incorporates the stabilizer brace for comfortable, secure one-handed firing by

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. New York, NY  -(  On January 17, 2017, Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Felix W. Ortiz, a Democrat, introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly aimed directly at gun owners. The bill, A2260, if enacted, would require all firearm owners to purchase

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. U.S.A. –-( Cody Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed and the Wiki Weapon project. The Wiki Weapon project’s goal was to make a 3D printed gun. This scared a lot of people inside and outside the Government. Cody Wilson was thrust from being

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Senator Nelson from Florida has filed a restrictive bill that would stifle innovation and experimentation, without significantly impacting terrorists or criminals. Interestingly, a complete exemption would be included for the U.S. government and agencies. The bill is titled the “Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act of

The Social Security Administration, created to administer public retirement benefits, is now poised to deny the Second Amendment-protected rights of tens of thousands of recipients. Editor’s Note: Since this feature appeared in the print version of America’s 1st Freedom magazine, Congress and President Donald Trump rolled back the Obama-era regulation

Tentative cops and uncertain justice are driving up urban homicide rates. This feature appears in the March ‘17 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association.   The downward trend in violent crime over the last 25 years has been nothing short of remarkable.

We Carry Lifers have an image problem, like it or not. Non-shooters especially, but some surprising others too, labor under lingering doubts that we’re secretly fonts of seething, irrational fury, waiting to erupt with gunfire at imaginary provocations. The happy—though certainly unappreciated—truth is the polar opposite. CCW holders have a