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People who blame the gun over the killer aren’t looking for real solutions. They’re simply furthering an agenda.

Permitting government officials to make the exercise of one constitutional right contingent upon relinquishing the right to exercise another would destroy the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and enjoyed by everyone. Blinded by their hatred for the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, anti-gun advocates appear willing to burn down the entire Bill of Rights along with it.

Requiring a citizen to “prove” they should be “allowed” to exercise a fundamental right should be prima facie unconstitutional.

If there was ever a time to become active and let your voice be heard, it is now.

If the often parroted “If it saves just one life” assertion applies, one could make the case for compulsory background checks and waiting periods before allowing people onto bridges or to buy rope.

Just about any major urban center of the United States is very ripe for Second Amendment supporters. It may be the most significant vulnerability Bloomberg has.

In a recent NYT editorial, the author implores the banking and credit-card industries to treat all who would legally purchase guns, ammunition, and virtually all accessories like diseased outcasts.

Speaking of the millennial generation, The Washington Post branded their support for gun rights as “mysterious,” acknowledging that it “does not bode well for liberals hoping that the arc of history will eventually bend toward greater gun control.”

Fear not as our hero shoots from the hip now and takes them out! Then he turns and … whoa, hold on. Did we just get nine shots from a six-round revolver? Yes, we did. Welcome to the world of gun misinformation. 

Gun prohibition only applies to the little people like us, not to politicians, judges, and law enforcement. Gun-control laws have exceptions for the elites. These elite members of our society also have armed men guarding them. Those are the facts that matter. That is why politicians, sheriffs, and judges won’t end gun control.