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Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Detroit, MI –-( Legally Armed In Detroit (LAID), a gun rights advocacy group, is announcing a seminar to explain how the legalization of carrying a concealed handgun without a license could work in Michigan. The Michigan House literally passed legislation, a couple of days

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. U.S.A. –-( The National Firearms Act (NFA), 26 U.S.C. Ch. 53, imposes strict registration and tax controls on specific types of firearms, including machineguns, short barrel shotguns, short barrel rifles, silencers, destructive devices, and certain other firearms known as “any other weapons.” The controls

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. So, I’m at the range with a friend, getting his feedback on a gun I’m reviewing, when he asks “Have you ever thought about setting up some kind of standardized course of fire to run these guns through? Maybe get three people of different

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. The Problem: Learning to shoot better groups is not about your skill and/or ability. Quite the contrary, your equipment is adequate for the goals you have set for yourself and your ability in practice is sufficient to win the matches on any given day.

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Small, defensive pocket pistols are becoming more and more popular with citizens who need a gun for concealed carry. One of the reasons for this is because American firearm manufacturers are currently building some fine handguns in this category, like the recently introduced Ruger

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. U.S.A. –-( The sources for this article is all published data. I’ve even added a reading list for those skeptics who want to learn more. Let’s look at the actual numbers. 53% of all firearm-related murders are by black men under 30. That’s 3%

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Ft Collins, CO –-( “Every record has been destroyed or falsified. Every book rewritten. Every picture has been repainted. Every statue and street building has been renamed. Every date has been altered. And, the process is continuing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. History has stopped. Nothing

It’s another sign of the growing tribalism in the United States: Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant drew cheers when she told a City Council meeting that she didn’t have any Republican friends. I’m old enough to remember when the “cosmopolitan elites” in our cities considered themselves so much better than

According to The Washington Post, the incidence of violent criminals using a firearm is down in the United States. In the newspaper’s list of reasons for this phenomenon, there is one glaring omission—widespread gun ownership. As often as the subject of what the media like to inaccurately call “gun violence”

When it comes to using a handgun for self-defense, multiple shots might be required to stop the threat. More holes cause more damage, and more damage means the threat will stop sooner. One gets more holes by firing more rounds, or using something that has multiple projectiles, such as a