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Article first appeared at NRAmedia –  peers will generally acknowledge that I am rarely the last man to arrive nor the first man to depart Happy Hour. An evening spent with good friends, some good whiskey and perhaps a good cigar is hard to beat. When these activities are

Article first appeared at Ammoland – A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center is out. Do Background Checks on Private Gun Transfers help Stop Mass Public Shootings? Persistent claims have been made that expanding background checks to include any private transfers of guns would reduce mass public shootings. Yet,

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas had to do without a full demonstration of Sentinl’s IDENTILOCK fingerprint-scanning “smart gun lock,” inventor Omer Kiyani told AmmoLand News. Bringing a gun into the hall violated security rules. “I never did expect that

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Half the fun of going to SHOT Show is to see and speak with you favorite celebrities. The folks organizing SHOT Show have a handy tool to help you find where your favorite celebrity will be and when. Find out which “celebs” are attending

Article first appeared in at Cheaperthandirt – The Good Price: Steel ammo is significantly cheaper than comparable brass case ammo—sometimes costing as little as half the price. Who wouldn’t want to shoot twice as much for the same cost? The military style 30- and 50-caliber ammo cans or the sealed spam

Article first appeared at Ammoland – THOUGHTS FOR OUR FELLOW OUT-OF-STATE CHP HOLDERS First, I’d like to offer an apology to our fellow CHP holders from the 25 states that are about to lose recognition from Virginia on February 1st 2016. All of you who have visited Virginia over the

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – It’s hard to know when and where you might face an armed, violent criminal intent on doing harm to you and those around you. If you knew in advance, of course, you’d avoid going there. If you work in a smoke shop, however, you

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – The sheer size and scale of the Battle of the Bulge gave rise to so many feats of arms that examples of individual heroism have tended to get swallowed by the big picture. As the largest battle fought by the U.S. Army during the

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – Recently, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen since my high school days—I’ll call him “Danny.” We talked about mutual friends, families, careers and personal interests and when he learned of my occupation, it became apparent that he belongs to what I call the

  Article first appeared at Ammoland – I don’t like horror movies. There is nothing attractive about sitting and waiting for the monster to jump out of the dark screen at me, even though the fear is irrational. Hoplophobes are people who have an irrational fear of firearms. What is