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Article first appeared at  – I am not sure I have ever read a military / combat history related non-fiction book quite like Alexander Rose’s new book Men of War. You might already be familiar with Mr. Rose’s work if you have seen any of the AMC cable channel’s

Article first appeared at – A compelling shot story of a mass shooting survivor who has gone from gun control activist to gun rights advocate. Download your free copy today. Forward by C.D. “Chuck” Michel, CRPA President & General Counsel. The terrible and tragic shootings by a deranged gunman

Have better words ever been uttered? “The Senate delivered a devastating blow to President Obama’s agenda to regulate guns bydefeating a bipartisan proposal to expand background checks.” The votes failed due to bipartisan efforts either on the vote or the proposed amendments. Naughty or nice, we know the anti gunners

A recent article in the Wall St. Journal theorizes that Hillary Clinton may suffer the same fate in her quest for the White House in 2016 that Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey did in his race against then-former-Vice-President Richard M. Nixon in 1968. Noting that Nixon defeated Humphrey by, in part,

Article first appeared at – The City of Dallas has released a video and a “Frequently Asked Questions” guide to advise the public about changes to Texas open carry laws that will go in effect on January 1, The Dallas Morning News reported. Citizens with concealed carry permits will

Article first appeared at – As Washington, our Governor, Senator Manchin and others here in West Virginia scheme to craft new laws to restrict (and eventually eliminate) our inherent human right to self-defense, they apparently turns a blind eye to gun crime right here in our state. Tannerman’s Weapon

Article first appeared at – We know that a BulletSafe vest, will stop a .50 Cal Desert Eagle, but what about everyday things? How bulletproof are they? This video series has two purposes. One is to demonstrate how tough our bulletproof vest is. The second is to remind people

Article first appeared at – The NRA Foundation is proud to assist in establishing the Lee County 4-H Rifle Club in eastern Alabama by awarding a $16,500 grant to purchase all necessary safety and shooting equipment. Thanks to the organized preparation, the club has quickly acquired a full roster

“To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.” –Adolph Hitler Is it not absolutely astounding that at every incident in which a gun is used in a crime, engineered or otherwise, the tyrant Barack Hussein Obama, along with other corrupt politicians and Hollywood’s hypocritical ant-gun teachers, stands against The Bill

Only hours after an attack of radical jihadi terror on American soil, the New York Daily News became the loudest, vilest, most condescending voice for what many people call the Godless Left. These false prophets at this failing excuse for a newspaper claimed to enjoy special knowledge of God’s plans