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Article first appeared at – Barack Obama continues his seven-year run as the nation’s top firearm salesman. Raising the question in many Americans’ minds whether they might be facing their last chance to purchase the guns they want. Mass shootings and terrorism, along with the Democratic Party’s open embrace

Article first appeared at – It may be a difficult concept for some individuals to understand, but hunters’ dollars have been the driving force behind wildlife conservation long before animals had lawyers. Through license fees, plus hidden excise taxes on firearms and hunting and fishing gear, ample funds have

Article first appeared at – As expected, Barack Obama has shifted the blame for the San Bernardino terrorist attack away from his failed national security policies and towards the nation’s law-abiding firearm owners. In his special address last night from the Oval Office, Obama called for measures that would

Article first appeared at – Strict controls on the ownership and use of guns have been enacted in a number of polities in the United States.   One of the supposed purposes of such laws is to reduce the murder rate.  Murder rates in the FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)

In a world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous, why don’t you start some new holiday traditions this year to take care of the ones you love? The gift of preparedness will be valuable well after the Christmas lights are taken down. In fact, some gentle nudges now might just

Article first appeared at – In my email to remind everyone that the November 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting would be the last one for this year and our next one will be in January, I finished the letter that much can change in two months and that was also

Article first appeared at – If the only option you have to stop a deadly threat is to shoot someone in the back, do it. But be ready to explain exactly why it was the only thing you could do under those circumstance to stop an imminent deadly threat.

One of the many adages of the prepper world is, “If you can’t defend it, you don’t own it.” If you’re new to the preparedness lifestyle, this saying basically means that all of your supplies, your stockpiles, your carefully selected buckets of food, and the time and money you spent

Article first appeared at – The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division contains what are destined to the highest performing products in the industry. One of these product categories, and arguably the most widely used and important, is SIG’s ZULU Series of Binoculars. Next to a zeroed rifle, a clear and bright

Article first appeared at – Ultimate Wild, a leader in providing high-quality outdoor and hunting products, offers hunters the opportunity to see at night without being seen—with the Micro 150 Green LED flashlight. This rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use micro flashlight fits easily in a pocket, backpack, car console—or anywhere else