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The holiday season is officially upon us and if you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping, you have probably—in the very least—started making a mental check of list of what you would like to buy. Giving the gift of firepower, especially to the gun enthusiast, is an excellent idea.  However,

Article first appeared at – By now, we’ve all heard about the atrocities in Paris; Islamist terrorists driving through the streets randomly shooting people, Islamist terrorists wrapping themselves in explosives and nuts and bolts, and blowing themselves and innocents apart, Islamist terrorists strolling into a crowded music venue and

Article first appeared at – We know that a BulletSafe vest, will stop a .50 Cal Desert Eagle, but what does that bullet do against to everyday things? This video hopes to answer the question in a fun manner. This video series has two purposes. One is to demonstrate

Article first appeared at – you trust us with your general health. You trust us to care for you, your family and friends 168 million times a year in hospitals across this great nation.  You even trust us to care for your children in 6.3 million hospital stays per year. Yes,

Article first appeared at – I have a small farm in the middle of nowhere that the Colonel and I have owned for thirty years. After two military careers we now actually live in the same state as the farm so we get there a lot more often. However

Article first appeared at – WRAL TV out of Raleigh will be airing an anti-second amendment hit piece on Monday. The report focuses on NFA trusts that are often created by law-abiding Americans to deal with the onerous process of legally obtaining NFA items including suppressors, short barreled rifles

Article first appeared at – Covert Scouting Camera’s HD 60 is now available in new Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®. The MP8 Black provides customers with an invisible flash camera to those who desire extra security and want invisible flash technology at a very affordable price. The MP8 Black is

Article first appeared at – On this week’s episode of NRA All Access we go behind-the-scenes at Taurus to follow their design process, from development to production, of the innovative Curve pistol. Later in the episode, NASCAR driver Ryan Newman shows us how he stays just as busy off the track as when

Article first appeared at – If you’re new to deer hunting or processing your own meat, fear not the unchartered territory. The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism has an easy-to-follow, step-by-step field dressing video at Properly cared for, venison is delicious and healthy. But there are

Ninety-six years ago last week, a convoluted congressional and constitutional misadventure of major proportions began an interesting period in American history. Commonly known as “Prohibition,” the Volstead Act was named for its senatorial sponsor (Andrew Volstead of Minnesota), and gave legal teeth to the 18th Amendment. As a historical matter,