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Americans are fascinated with exotic scatterguns of all shapes and sizes, especially those models kept just out of reach by strict federal regulations. We can enjoy watching them in action on the silver screen but buying one is a financially prohibitive proposition. This year, Mossberg has found a way to

As AK-pattern rifle enthusiasts here in the U.S. can attest, imported AKs are not all created equal. Mikhail Kalashnikov’s battle-proven combat rifle design has been borrowed, cloned and modified by countries around the world without the benefit of uniform production standards. As a result, consumers need to pay close attention

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA -( As expected, yesterday HF238 – the Defense of Dwelling & Person Act (also known as Stand your Ground), authored by Rep. Jim Nash, passed out of the House Public Safety Committee on a 9-6 vote. Representatives voting in favor of the bill

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights’ Vermont Knife Law Preemption bill, H 276, has been introduced by Rep. Patrick Brennan. The bill simply adds “knives” to the existing Vermont Firearms preemption statute. Knife Law Preemption repeals and prevents local ordinances more restrictive than state law

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Gilbert, AZ –-( Knife Rights’ bipartisan Texas Knife Law Reform Bill, HB 1935, that would repeal the ban on all “illegal knives” in Texas statutes, has been scheduled for a hearing on Monday in the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence. If you live, work

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. U.S.A. – -( “Many of your favorite YouTubers could be about to disappear,” political and social commentator Paul Joseph Watson warns (note some language is NSFW). He’s referring to how the video-sharing giant is categorizing popular conservative issue proponents as “extremist” and limiting their audiences by

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA –  -( It’s no secret that Glock handguns have a cult-like following. As I write this, it’s tax return time, so right now you can visit your local gun shop and observe the horde of gents wearing “Glock Perfection” hats. They’ll be the

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA – -( “They were tortured with a blow torch and knives,” a chilling Middleburg Observer report about a South African farm attack relates. “A plastic bag was stuffed down Sue’s throat and they attempted to strangle Robert with a black bag around his neck.

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA -( Two baffling and unforgivable things happened during testimony on HB-245, the Burden of Proof bill, in the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 23, 2017. ONE: The Florida representative of NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action (MDA) gave testimony that sounded

Once upon a time, police officers who patrolled our streets carried revolvers on their hips. Guns like the Colt Police Positive and the Smith & Wesson Model 19 were their primary defensive firearm, and they carried .38 Spl. snub-nosed carry revolvers like the Detective Special and J-Frames for backup guns