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They fought for 63 days without outside support, which is remarkable when you consider the strength of their opponent. They sought to liberate Warsaw from German occupation, and they planned to do it simultaneously with the advance of Soviet forces toward the city as a part of a nationwide uprising

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA –-( There may be no more pleasing pistol to shoot than a .22 handgun. The shooting is easy and the ammunition is cheap…if you can find any. There may be no better tool in learning or sharpening shooting skill. There are also few

It’s always interesting to see how changes in consumer demand, technology, regulations and politics mingle together to shape and influence the ever-shifting shooting-industry landscape. The results are sometimes confusing, occasionally frustrating but often surprising. The rifle tested for this review is a case in point. The new bolt-action Ruger American

The most iconic and well-known submachine gun of all time is unquestionably the Thompson. First put into production in 1921, the Thompson initially gained a measure of notoriety in the hands of G-Men and nefarious criminal elements in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It also saw limited military service

The 30 Nosler cartridge delivers better ballistics than the .300 Win. Mag. out of an unbelted case, and fits into .30-’06 Sprg.-length actions. The Nosler Model 48 Heritage shown here is topped with a Leupold VX-6 2-12X 42 mm riflescope. More than one human has observed that the more things

Some might say the Model 1873 Winchester “Won the West,” but it was Model 1892 that conquered Hollywood. The page for the Model 1892 may well be its longest entry. Remember Chuck Connors in “The Rifleman,”? Yeah, that was a Model ‘92. How about the “Mare’s Leg” in “Wanted:

John Browning’s M1911 pistol has been with us for more than 105 years now, and it is still a viable gun for personal defense, military use and competition. Manufactured by numerous companies, the M1911 pistol’s longevity is a tribute to its sound design. The Italian firm of Tanfoglio has combined

As a young gun enthusiast, I did not pay much attention to the AK family of firearms. That wasn’t due to any bad experiences with AKs, but rather because I had no experience with them whatsoever. You see, in those days, when the Vietnam War was still a fresh memory

The big fight for gun owners in 2016 was ensuring the Second Amendment had a firm supporter in the White House, and with the election of Donald Trump, that goal was achieved. Now, in 2017, gun owners are seeing the benefits of a friendly environment for the firearms world. In

The election of President Donald Trump was a double-edged sword for gun manufacturers. It meant that firearm freedoms were assured for another four years, thanks largely to the efforts of NRA members. The tactical shotgun market saw a boom in early 2017, with a number of new models rolling out