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Over the past 24 years on American Rifleman, I have seen a lot of gun companies come and go. Some have become established brands. Some were crackpot ideas destined for the oddities case downstairs at NRA’ National Firearms Museum. The company I met with today is not headed for the

Ruger designed its Precision Rifle as a price-friendly alternative to most long-range precision rifles on the market, which can typically run $3,000 or more. At about half the price, Ruger didn’t sacrifice in standout features that really set this rifle apart from the crowd, including its compatibility with both rear- and side-latching

Recently, we reported on Hillary Clinton’s praise for local firearm “buyback” events and her view that forcing Americans to participate in them on a national level – ala Australia and Great Britain – is “worth considering.” Voluntary gun buybacks are a classic case of gun control symbolism. Their advocates claim

At this point, Magpul really needs no introduction. The Texas-based company has long provided the tactical, competitive and civilian markets with popular, high-quality gear that’s mission-designed from the get-go. That being said, you may be unfamiliar with one of their more inexpensive products—the MS1 sling. Even though the price is

I have been shooting the AR-15 platform for many years now and have experienced my fair share of magazine-induced failures.Thankfully, companies have identified that the AR-15 magazine is the rifle’s largest weak point and continually develop new and interesting solutions to this reliability problem. Promag has done just that with

Continuing on with guns you MUST to shoot before you die, I feel like talking about handguns. There are a few handguns out there, like their rifle counterparts, that are too important or too good to not take the chance and throw some lead down range. 1911 I can’t think of

Whether you’re seeking a new carry gun, a ranch toy or just a companion on your quest for that buck of a lifetime, renting several handgun options at your local range can give you a great taste of what’s out there. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a pistol

If you can’t afford the latest and greatest AR-15 parts and gear, the market has provided solutions for everybody’s pocketbook. You have to be careful you don’t end up with a lemon. And that’s what this simple guide is for. We’ve picked out the best money-saving alternatives to high-end gear,

Article first appeared at – I am asked all the time by my students, “What is the best concealed carry revolvers?” So I came up with my top five picks on the Best Concealed Carry Revolvers for reliable self defense. I love revolvers as they are a tried and true design, simple

Article first appeared at – “Need a gun? Your Manasquan area neighbor could easily sell you a semi-automatic,” Tom Davis of The Patch advises New Jersey readers. And because of the Patch’s regional business model, the same story is available with area headline modifications for Hoboken, West Depford, Toms