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Senator Feinstein hasn’t done any research on the matter.  She merely parrots whatever she wants to parrot despite the fact that she doesn’t tell you the who story.

Confirming Kavanaugh will probably not reverse Roe v. Wade nor will it cause more people to be shot.  Far more people are shot an killed every week in a city in the US that has instituted the most tyrannical gun laws in our nation, Chicago.  But Dianne Feinstein would have us follow their model, hoping for different results.

Trump’s sentiment about removing gun free zones from schools and arming teachers is right on, but his method of doing so is just as unconstitutional as the Department of Education, but Feinstein doesn’t care about that, she just wants gun removed from the people, period.

We don’t need anymore Communist Democrats from California in DC.  Swalwell is one of many who needs to lose the election come November.

LOL. Leftist and anti-gun activist, David Hogg says he’ll be running for political office as soon as he turns 25.  He plans to “read a sh#t load of books” in preparation for working on a presidential campaign in 2020 as well.

I guess these banks think they can just do what they want and the people will never fight back, never speak up and never challenge them.  Looks like Louisiana has had enough of banks with an un-American attitude. 

Yes, New Jersey, ex post facto laws are unconstitutional and those who advanced this bill are breaking the law.

These people have no idea of what they speak about, but they assure you that they know what they are doing when it comes to attacking your rights.

All these “gun control laws” will not ensure public safety one bit, but they are used as a political agenda to infringe on the rights of the people they swore an oath to serve faithfully and lawfully.

Such action by the Township would be illegal and unconstitutional under both state and federal law.