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While the bill is not designed to arm teachers, it does recognize the right of gun owners to exercise that right while on campus.

Harris is merely continuing to push the Marxist agenda of gun confiscation because with each pretended and unconstitutional legislation that comes down from people like Harris, come consequences to law-abiding gun owners.

The Effingham County Board approved the resolution 8-1 on Monday which declares that they will not enforce gun laws that “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.”

Don’t be surprised if a virulently anti-gun administration makes the argument that your AR-15 is actually a machinegun because it can be readily bump-fired using common items such as rubber bands or belt loops (or nothing but your finger)!

From the Vice Chair of the Democrat National Committee to newly elected Alabama Senator Doug Jones, they just can’t be straight with the people concerning the Second Amendment.

Yep, they want your hunting guns too, despite claims otherwise.  Oh, and they want your pistols, as well, despite claims otherwise.

Has the media gone around asking every Democrat if they believe the 2nd Amendment should be repealed? No way, Jose. To do so would destroy the Democrats hopes of a Blue Wave in 2018.

American producer, writer, political activist, and commentator Austin Petersen is fed up with hearing the whining from the little Communists and the big ones in our country as they attack our God-given rights and our Constitution. He has watched as they have advanced their agenda in DC and in the states and wants to stop playing defense with those who attack the Second Amendment and start playing offense.

Why any sane person, including a Democrat, would vote for an ignorant, emotional child is beyond me, but wait and see if he gets votes.

Georgians, I hope you listen well to this woman and remove her from office very soon for attacking your rights.