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Article first appeared at Cheaper than Dirt. The Washington Post recently awarded three Pinocchios to President Obama’s claim, “We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than to get his hands on a computer or even a book.” and called it an,

In a video released by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in association with Infowars, O’Keefe gets exclusive footage of a Hillary Clinton alternate delegate explaining the propaganda that Clinton will use, if elected president, to deceive and persuade the public into accepting an all-out, unconstitutional gun ban. Of course, much

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Ft Collins, CO –-( From a friend in the UK: “Here in the UK, our people, forcibly disarmed for years, are confused and afraid with regard to events in Orlando, particularly since our burgeoning illegal gun trade, smuggling of firearms and arming of radical

Article first appeared at Americas 1st Freedom. In this year’s presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton has revealed her contempt for our firearm freedoms with shocking candor, displaying a level of anti-gun sentiment unlike anything we’ve seen before in presidential politics. While many pundits suggest that Clinton will moderate her anti-gun positions

This is the kind of elitist mindset that Communist, gun grabbing congressmen have. They think they are to have rights, but no those that they serve. In the recent gun control “sit in,” at least 26 of the Democrats that attended actually own guns. In a report by Heat Street,

Apparently, we, the gun owners of America, make people like poor delicate Isadore feel unsafe in his own home. Oh, Muffin. *hands Isadore a tissue* First of all, I’m a Concealed Carry Permit holder in the state of California. To get my permit (which honestly, I never should have needed in the

Article first appeared at Americas 1st Freedom. To say that Hillary Clinton is prone to play fast and loose with the facts is kind of like saying pro shooter Jerry Miculek can hit a target now and then. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is known for her prevarications, half-truths and

The National Rifle Association has signaled that it will meet with GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but that it will not back off from its position on the “no fly, no buy” policy of the Obama administration, which validates the anonymous terror watchlist. “We are happy to meet with Donald

You knew it was coming from the usurper-in-chief who said that he would give “sustained focus” to gun control this year. Following the Orlando Islamic terror attack on Sunday, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah called for violating the Constitution with another assault weapons ban and an infringement of the rights

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Sacramento, CA -( Today, anti-gun politicians in the State Senate will be pushing hard to pass these TEN gun control bills if they come up for a vote. When are we going to draw the line? The bills are: AB 156: Bans common ammunition