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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has written a letter to President Donald Trump, asking him to pardon two Kansans, whom the Obama administration’s policies abused their rights protected under both the US Constitution’s Second Amendment, as well as the Second Amendment Protection Act of Kansas. The letter was written by Brownback

Sanctuary Cities took center stage during the Obama administration when 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal alien in 2015.  Since then, a number of corrupt politicians, including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, have come out to support their cities as

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. New York, NY  -(  On January 17, 2017, Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Felix W. Ortiz, a Democrat, introduced a bill in the New York State Assembly aimed directly at gun owners. The bill, A2260, if enacted, would require all firearm owners to purchase

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. TOPEKA –-( Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt today said he has secured a commitment from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to personally review the case of two Kansas citizens who were convicted last year on charges of violating the National Firearms Act. Schmidt had

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. USA – -( “Today’s testimony … should be embarrassing to everybody who does or did carry an ATF badge,” retired Special Agent Vince Cefalu asserted to members of the CleanUpATF forum. “Clearly the Dem side of the committee had NO interest in providing oversight…” He

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. NASHVILLE, TN –-( The Tennessee Firearms Association’s Executive Director, John Harris, today called on the Leadership and Members of the Tennessee General Assembly to move SB0131 and HB0493 to the respective floors for a full debate and final passage. This groundbreaking piece of legislation

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we are discussing the recent decision from the 4th Circuit that found America’s

Article first appeared at Ammo Land. A Pennsylvania Court has found that automatic knives are not protected arms under the Second Amendment. The case is not precedential, and is unlikely to be appealed. The finding was made on 9 March, 2017. On July 29th, 2014, William Battle entered the Pike

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) has introduced the NSSF-supported Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (S.446), a companion to the House of Representatives bipartisan bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.). The proposed legislation, with 30 co-sponsors, would compel states to recognize concealed carry permits issued from other states that

A Yakima, Washington store clerk thwarted two armed, masked robbers at the end of February all due to the fact that he was also armed and willing to defend himself against their aggression. When the two men entered the In & Out Mini Mart and demanded the clerk hand over