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Article first appeared at Ammoland – The Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), the state’s largest firearms and shooting sports organization, denounces President Obama’s recent executive actions which target legal gun ownership. “These executive actions taken by the Obama Administration are another sign that this Administration is more interested in vilifying

Article first appeared at Ammoland – On January 4, 2016, the Attorney General signed a final rule amending the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulations in 27 C.F.R. Part 479 to require “responsible persons” of trusts and legal entities such as partnerships and corporations to submit photographs

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Once again email is flooding to Florida gun owners from an entity calling itself “Florida Gun Rights” (FLGR) asking that gun owners send email to Florida Legislators about a nonexistent bill. These alerts are not coming from a grassroots group in Florida, their corporate

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Well, according to at least six astute Democrat ladies of the Georgia General Assembly House, they do. Their names and district numbers are: Mary Margaret Oliver, 82nd Stacey Abrams, 89th Carolyn Hugley, 136th Pat Gardner, 57th Dar’shun Kendrick, 93rd Dee Dawkins-Haigler, 91st You can

Article first appeared at Ammoland – TrackingPoint is pleased to announce it’s new Financing Program for all its Precision-Guided Firearms. Qualifying customers now have the option to put down a 10% deposit on their purchases, and finance the rest over 24, 36 or 48-month payment plans. The actual interest rate

Article first appeared at Ammoland – In Burlington Vermont yesterday, 7 January, Donald Trump had another packed rally.  It seems as if it is the only kind that he has. In the speech, near the end, the Donald starts talking about the Second Amendment.  He says that the 65 year

Article first appeared at Ammoland – I’ve long marveled at President Obama’s calls for bipartisanship right before viciously tearing into Republicans. It’s creepy, because he is either too self-absorbed to know he’s doing it or arrogant enough to assume we won’t see through it. I’m referring not to the routine

Article first appeared at Ammoland – The New Jersey General Assembly Thursday held a hearing on smart gun legislation, ignoring its own rules regarding advance public notice. The Assembly committee held the hearing and then voted on a straight party line to replace its current failed state “Smart Gun” mandate

Article first appeared at Breitbart – Thursday while President Barack Obama was hosting a town hall in Fairfax, VA broadcasted on CNN about his gun policy, Chris Cox, the executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, reacted to Obama’s effort on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File.” Cox

Article first appeared at NRAila – Background checks may not stop criminals from getting guns, but new data on the number of checks make the case that Americans are not as enthusiastic about gun control as President Barack Obama wants people to believe. On Monday, the day before Obama announced