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Article first appeared at NRAila – On Thursday, January 7, President Barack Obama appeared in the CNN-produced “Guns in America,” an invitation-only “town hall” held on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Immediately following the forum, CNN shifted to several pundits who offered their analysis of the

Article first appeared in at Cheaperthandirt –  Many gun owners have asked us what the likely effects of President Obama’s recently announced executive actions will be, and because we’re not lawyers, we’ve been reluctant to forecast the outcomes of the president’s initiatives and tearful press conference. However, one lawyer,

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – When anti-gunners in Congress introduced a new proposal in mid-December to ban so-called “assault weapons”—actually semi-automatic rifles owned by an estimated 8 to 9 million law-abiding Americans—gun-rights advocates heaved a big sigh, but not of relief. It’s easy to understand why: The battle against

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – President Obama was long on platitudes and short on specifics at Tuesday’s emotional gun-control press conference. Perhaps that’s because some of the things he’s proposing have far-reaching ramifications that would appall most Americans, gun-owning or not. 1. Barack Obama plans to use Social Security

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – On January 5, 2016, the president unveiled his executive order plans to force gun control measures down America’s throat. Dana Loesch strikes back at the president’s extreme overreach by shedding light on his dishonest history of enforcing existing gun control legislation. The “Commander in

Article first appeared at Ammoland – On Tuesday January 5th 2016, the president announced a series of gun control actions in the form of “executive actions” during a lengthy press conference at the White House. Throughout, the president made it abundantly clear that restricting the rights of America’s law-abiding gun

Article first appeared at Ammoland – On Thursday, January 7 2016, the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed Senate Bill 3249 with a partisan 6-3 vote. As previously reported, S. 3249 /A. 4717, sponsored by state Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37) and state Senator Richard Codey (D-27), would repeal the ban on traditional

Article first appeared at Ammoland – A 65-year-old grandmother returning home from work used a gun to stop a man from mugging her, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported. The woman, a permitted concealed carrier, shot her assailant once in the chest with a .32 caliber handgun after he tried

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Last week in a television interview, Governor Christie of New Jersey said he has “changed his mind” on carry permits for New Jersey. This comes after Christie issued an Executive Order last summer creating a Carry Commission, and in December Christie released the Commission

Article first appeared at Ammoland – The Associated Press Fact Check concluded that President Obama’s executive actions regarding gun regulations “may fall short of [their] goal.” Even ABC News assessed, “conditions he is changing by executive action are murkier than he made them out to be.” Murkiest is Obama’s blaming