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As if enduring eight years of the rabidly anti-gun Martin O’Malley in the Governor’s Mansion weren’t enough, Maryland gun owners are now contending with at least one avowed gun prohibitionist in the state Attorney General’s Office. Undercover video of Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiruvendran Vignarajah, shot byProject Veritas while he

Just when we think that politics can’t sink any lower,President Obama once again proves us wrong by politicizing the tragedy in San Bernardino before the facts were even known. What we do know is that theAmerican people are heartbroken by these horrific crimes — and despite what the president would

Article first appeared at – SB-344 Burden of Proof by Sen. Rob Bradley is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Rules Committee on Thursday, December 3, 2015, at 1:00PM SB-344 Burden of Proof (current version) restores the Stand Your Ground law to the original intent of the Legislature by

Article first appeared at – Recent headlines blared “Paris attacks: Almost 800 pump-action shotguns seized by Italian police on way to Belgium, Germany and Holland“. It is hard to see any connection between the shotguns (Winchester SXPs) that were seized and terrorists.  The shotguns were legally manufactured in Turkey.  

By now, if you use any form of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably seen the scary “mass shootings map” published by PBS, leading people to believe that they live in a terrifying place and that strict gun control is the only answer. You’ve probably read some of the cries for

While most Americans who braved the annual Running of the Sheep celebration were stocking up on discounted veggie steamers and last year’s flat screen TV models, those who understand the threats to liberty and personal safety chose to spend their hard earned wages on personal protection. According to the Federal Bureau

Earlier this summer, illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez murdered American citizen Kathryn Steinle on a California pier in front of her father with a federal agent’s gun. At the end of September, an Oakland muralist was murdered by a criminal with a stolen federal agent’s gun. ABC 7 reported

Article first appeared at – In reaction to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the European Commission (EC) published a press release announcing on November 18, 2015, the adoption of a proposal to make it more difficult for individuals to acquire firearms in the European Union. The proposed measures

Article first appeared at – During the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in early November, health services researcher Judith Katzburg urged doctors to “push the agenda” securing gun control for public health. Katzburg spoke during a panel titled, “The Tipping Point: Activating a Public Health Movement to Address

Just when you thought the politicians rhetoric could not get any more absurd, Representative Jan Schakowsky (spoiler alert: she is a Democrat from Chicago) suggests U.S. gun laws are in some way responsible for the Paris attacks! Do these people have no shame? In an interview about the recent Paris