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A grandfather has escaped charges after he says he was shot at by a police officer and had no other choice but to shoot back to protect his family, striking the officer.

Despite California having the strictest gun laws in the nation, a mom was able to obtain one and used it to protect her children from a home invader.

Authorities determined that her use of force was indeed justified, but the reason she is facing up to 24 years in prison is because she previously pled guilty to felony marijuana charges.

The right to keep and bear arms is a God-given right that is to be protected by those in government, not infringed on. 

Violence was in the heart of Mr. Bird, along with so many in America today who war against God, and the consequences are tragically self-inflicting.

People given authority in government these days always think they know better than God and so they usurp authority they were not given.

Hogg would be a perfect example to apply the law to so that others would learn from his lawlessness and carelessness in order to attack the God-given rights of law-abiding Americans, don’t you think?

The major concerns raised by the speakers included ‘red flag laws’, or Gun Confiscation Orders — that will allow the police to take guns from those who have committed no crimes.

Reuters failed to mention the company’s subsequent financial arrangement with gun-control lobbyists, a fact that led Springfield Armory, Hi-Point Firearms, Inland, Mossberg, Hogue and other firearm firms to summarily sever business relationships with the big-box chain.

It’s really no wonder little Communist David Hogg was rejected from several colleges.  It’s actually a wonder he graduated high school with some of the utter rubbish that comes out of his mouth.