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A politician who called for stricter gun control laws has now been charged with murder and accused of shooting and killing her former campaign manager.

So gang bangers don’t care about laws? You don’t say.

One armed citizen in Florida, who was licensed to carry concealed, was able to stop a gunman at a children’s event, possibly saving several lives.

As hundreds turned out to protest the NRA over the weekend, Parkland survivor David Hogg arrived and was photographed reportedly surrounded by guns.

An armed homeowner successfully defended himself against an intruder who was harming a child only to be killed by police when they arrived.

In addition to confiscating guns, the Florida law also raised the age to buy a rifle to 21 and established a three-day waiting period on all gun purchases.

This federal judge should know what the Constitution actually says and should have tossed this frivolous lawsuit in the trash where it belongs.  Instead, he is demonstrating he is not even fit to sit on the bench, and the attorney generals of each of these states are demonstrating they are not fit to be in the office they are in.

Robinson encouraged his hearers to do what he’s been doing, standing up for your rights.

A grand jury irresponsibly failed to indict cops who went to the wrong home and executed an innocent husband as he came to the door.

The ruling struck down a lower court’s ruling that the Constitution only protects the right to keep and bear arms at home.