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In an incredibly unconstitutional and downright unlawful action by a New Jersey court, a man who had possession of his grandfather’s World War II M1 Carbine rifle because it is considered an illegal assault weapon. reports: The New Jersey State Police seized Danny Burt’s M1 carbine and 20 other

When Phoenix police arrested suspected freeway shooter Leslie Allen Merritt Jr. on Friday they victoriously tweeted, “we got him.” But immediately after the arrest doubts began to surface, namely from Merritt’s father. “He has been raised with too much respect for life and too much for firearms to have done

The anti-gun crowd has always been steeped in the notion that guns are the biggest cause of violent crime. But if you apply that idea to the real world, you’ll probably wind up with some pretty stupid results. In a recent case however, the stupidity didn’t come in the form

Apparently, the federal government will use any ridiculous statistic to further their agenda of disarming people. With the statistics they provide, is it any wonder that they don’t ban knives, cars and other inanimate objects that people are killed with? A short video from Crush The Street delves into violence

Most of our Armed Citizen stories involve adults using their firearms in self-defense. Yet it’s not uncommon for teenagers to come to the aid of themselves and others when the chips are down. Here are seven examples of teenagers saving their lives and the lives of their families with firearms.

This ordinary stainless steel revolver was carried by New York Police Officer Walter Weaver. On Sept. 11, 2001, Weaver took it as he rushed into the World Trade Center in New York City after it was attacked by the radical Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. Like far too many, Officer Weaver

In the Miss America pageant where many times there are gaffes that last for weeks and start all sorts of controversies, Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial, 22, responded to a question about guns that would make any southerner or true constitutionalist proud. The judges asked her, “Do you support a

A 22-year-old Detroit man is dead after he failed to stop attempting to break in an Ohio home with metal bars on the windows. He was subsequently shot and killed by the female homeowner. A 46-year-old Ohio woman, who did not wish to be identified, had recently put metal bars

A DeKalb County Georgia police officer was shot after he responded to the wrong home, entering it and shooting a man and his dog. The interesting thing that occurred during the incident is that the police officer was actually shot by his fellow officer. It’s not even clear whether or

Wow. That was fast. It’s only been two weeks (15 days to be exact). “I plan to devote all of my strength and resources to seeing that some good comes from this evil,” wrote Andy Parker in his recent Washington Post op-ed titled “My daughter was killed on live television.