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I hope liberty advocates see the value in encouraging positive efforts by our friends, especially with the prevailing media rewarding those working against our interests.

According to an attorney for the victim’s family, a 21-year-old good guy with a gun was shot by police as he attempted to diffuse a shooting in the mall.

The Motion Picture Association of America has given lead actor Kevin Sorbo’s new film “The Reliant” an “R” rating, ensuring many families that don’t know any better will not let their children see the film.

Although Congressman Swalwell feigns sarcasm, his recent comments are a chilling reminder of murder by governments throughout history.

A hero security guard stopped a mass shooting with his legal gun, saving an untold number of lives and was holding the suspect at gunpoint when police showed up and killed him.

“I really feel that if she had left here, something worse would’ve happened, and not one single person in that intersection tried to help,” Seadorf said.

“I do believe, because in this Congress…there is bipartisan legislation to have common sense background checks to prevent guns going into the wrong hands. It doesn’t cover everything, but it will save many lives,” Pelosi said on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.” It will do no such thing.

The no-nonsense approach to dealing with criminals like this is not to wait for the police.  Once they have decided to break the law and threaten your family in the way these hoodlums did, they need to be put down, permanently.

These Communist gun confiscators have absolutely no right to hold political office.  They are those who are opposed to freedom and liberty and in support of those of the twentieth century who have been involved in the murder or tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people that they disarmed.

Right advocates predicted that this new movement of taking your rights with Red Flag Orders might have deadly consequences and called for vetos of this law and others in multiple states.