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Article first appeared at Ammoland – The First and Second Amendments protect and reinforce each other. In a free society, there is always pressure to expand the power of the government to suppress freedom of speech.  Those in power, for the last 100 years, have been infringing on our right

Article first appeared at Ammoland – In this newsletter, I’m going to highlight a couple drills I do in my handgun classes that are personal favorites of mine. They are very challenging, but like all good drills, they can be tailored to best match the skill level of the shooter.

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Designed in close collaboration with the Israeli Defense Forces, the Meprolight Mepro M21 self-illuminated day/night sight is always on and always ready. The M21 is standard issue to the Israeli Defense Forces troops, that’s why it’s built to withstand the harshest combat conditions. The

The people of Europe continue to cower in fear as their governments’ refuse to act in their defense, and the signs of stress are beginning to show. The latest polls show that an overwhelming majority of Germans believe that the government has already allowed in far too many refugees, and

Article first appeared at Ammoland – On January 6th, 2016 the Patel home invasion and murder case began in the Litchfield County Courthouse. Connecticut Carry Director and American News and Information Services President Edward Peruta was on hand to videotape the trial after a hard fought battle for transparency in the court concluded just a day earlier. But

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – Weatherby‘s latest version of the Orion is a Turkish-made, well-thought-out, entry-level over-under shotgun that is loaded with features for a modest price. Learn more about the Orion, NRA’s Gun of the Week, in this video hosted by American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief Mark Keefe. Importer: Weatherby,

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia – Several years ago, the research and development team at Sturm, Ruger & Co. set out to produce the company’s next generation of striker-fired polymer-frame pistols. Recognizing that the new platform would be launched into a market replete with semi-automatics competing in the same size

Article first appeared in  NRAMedia –  American Rifleman Editor-In-Chief Mark Keefe never thought he’d see the day that Rugerwould introduce a suppressor. Luckily, for all of us, that day has come. The company known for rugged, reliable and affordable firearms is playing to its strengths with the Ruger Silent-SR:

Article first appeared at Ammoland – Executive Director of GOA, Erich Pratt, debates a CNN host over the Obama’s recent gun control actions, but tensions rise when the host doesn’t let Pratt respond. About Gun Owners of America (GOA) Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed

Recently, Judge Andrew Napolitano was interviewed regarding the new unconstitutional fiat executive order he issued earlier this week. According to Napolitano, Obama just usurped his authority to impose something that Congress has rejected on three different occasions. “Some of what the president did is well within his authority,” began Napolitano.