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Hi-Point Higher Capacity Magazines

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

Dayton OH -(AmmoLand.com)- Hi-Point 9mm (Model 995) carbines are known for their robust construction, accuracy, reliability, and affordability.

The only “problem”: The 9mm Hi-Point OEM magazines hold 10 rounds. For engineering reasons and due to the huge volume of sales of the 9mm carbine with the 10-round magazine, there were no plans by Hi-Point to make a higher capacity magazine.

The solution: The Redball, a one-piece, 20-round, single-stack magazine for the Hi-Point carbine. This great-looking articulated magazine fits and feeds the 9mm Hi-Point carbine without fail. Moreover, it is the only high-capacity magazine tested and approved by Hi-Point firearms and MKS Supply.

It looks like two magazines welded together, but what looks like a mid-point weld area is actually a polymer-molded magazine well stabilizer called a locking plate that makes the magazine fit firmly in the carbine’s grip to prevent wiggle and thus increase ammunition feed reliability.

There are plans to offer the Redball magazine for Hi-Point’s .40 and .45 ACP carbines in the future, but the company wanted to guarantee this concept, get things patented and satisfy the current 9mm demand first, so one new magazine is all they can take on presently.


  • 20-round capacity (currently 9mm only)
  • Heat-treated steel body; black oxide finish
  • Polymer base, follower and locking plate
  • MSRP $24.99

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