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6 Must-Have Hybrid Holsters for Concealed Carry

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One of the most popular concealed carry holster styles is the hybrid, which is a combination of a Kydex shell and leather or other soft material backer. The beauty of this style is that it features a solid holster shell to safely retain the gun while allowing for comfortable carry with the soft back against your body. Let’s take a look at some of the top hybrid holsters on the market to make your choice easier if you’re in the market.

CrossBreed Reckoning

Typically holster manufacturers build a variety of styles, from full Kydex to hybrid to leather, for a variety of customer needs. CrossBreed instead has staked their claim firmly in the hybrid-only landscape with almost all of their holsters featuring the two-material setup. Their latest, the Reckoning, is a highly versatile IWB or OWB variant that features a ton of customization options and can be changed from IWB to OWB and back with a few simple screws. MSRP: $73.91

Kinetic Concealment Hybrid Holster

While it’s normal in a hybrid holster to feature either leather or polypropylene backer, Kinetic Concealment choose to offer both at the same time in the Hybrid Holster. The company’s unique patented backer features a layer of leather on the outside with a layer of the poly material on the skin side for added comfort. It’s all held together by a series of Chicago screws. The holster can be adjusted to nine different cant positions for a personalized draw experience. MSRP: $65.95

Galco KingTuk

Long known for their premier leather holsters for law enforcement, Galco branched out into the hybrid world with their KingTuk (clever name, no?) tuckable hybrid line that features a dual clip design for good weight management, adjustable plastic clips for customized ride height and cant, optional UltiClips if you’re not a fan of plastic, an open bottom slide shell design, and, of course, a strong yet comfortable leather backer. MSRP: $79

DeSantis Intruder 2.0

Another legacy leather goods manufacturer, DeSantis ventured into the hybrid holster market a few years back and now has a series of hybrids designed for comfortable IWB concealed carry. Their Intruder 2.0 is designed for both concealment and comfort and is tuckable, as well as adjustable for both height and cant. The back consists of top grain premium steerhide, and the leather front component is finished with a polyurethane film. MSRP: $85.99

Vedder RapidTuck IWB

Vedder Holsters has a contribution to the hybrid holster offerings that includes a great one-clip setup called the RapidTuck IWB. This smaller holster is handmade from premium cowhide leather and molded Kydex and comes with a single 1.5- or 1.75-inch Rock Solid Spring Steel Clip with adjustable ride height that allows for three adjustment levels up to 30 degrees forward or backward. This holster comes in a ton of color choices. MSRP: $64.99

Comp-Tac Sport-TAC

Comp-Tac’s Sport-TAC Holster is a hybrid, inside-the-waistband holster designed to carry a 4-inch handgun at the four o’clock position. Rather than leather, this backer is made from low-density foam for comfort and high-density foam for structure with built-in channels for ventilation. Two long clips allow for ride and cant adjustability. One great feature out this holster is its versatility and the ability to swap out the shells should you choose to change guns. MSRP: $69.99

Article by David Workman

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