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9mm Compact Pistol Roundup

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In the realm of concealed carry and personal defense, 9mm compact semi-automatic pistols have gained immense popularity for their size, reliability and sometimes (but not always) larger capacity than in years past. Plus, they are often very budget friendly. The market for smaller 9mm semi-automatic pistols is immense, with most firearm manufacturers offering something in their lineup. We’re taking a look at a few more popular models and what they bring to the proverbial table.

Ruger EC9sRuger EC9s

The Ruger EC9s is a small, striker-fired 9mm pistol that excels in concealability. Featuring a slim profile and weighing just 17.2 ounces, it is an ideal choice for everyday carry. The EC9s has a 7-round capacity and manual safety for added security. With an MSRP starting at $289, it offers an affordable option for those seeking a reliable compact firearm from a legendary American manufacturer.

Taurus G3CTaurus G3C

Taurus made its mark in the compact-pistol market with the G2C, and improved it with the G3C. This 9mm semi-automatic pistol comes with a variety of different options and provides a 12-round magazine, a textured grip for enhanced control and a manual safety. The Taurus G3C is known for its budget-friendly price point, with a starting MSRP of $339, making it an attractive option for those on a budget.

Shield EZSmith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ

Smith & Wesson’s M&P series is known for its reliability, and the M&P9 Shield EZ continues this tradition in a compact form. Designed for easy operation, this 9mm compact pistol features a unique, easy-to-rack slide, making it accessible for shooters of all skill levels. With a suggested retail price of around $454, the M&P9 Shield EZ offers an 8-round magazine, adjustable grips and a tactile loaded-chamber indicator.

Glock g48Glock G48

Glock pistols are know for reliability, and the Glock G48 is no exception. The micro-compact, single-stack 9mm pistol has a 10-round capacity and the iconic Glock Safe Action system. Its slim design and lightweight frame make it easy to carry discreetly, and the Glock name on the outside means you’ll have the dependability Glock enthusiasts have comet to expect, albeit in a compact package.

FN509FN 509 Compact

FN’s 509 Compact is a modular and versatile 9mm pistol designed for both concealed carry and duty use. With a 12-round capacity and interchangeable backstraps, the 509 Compact ensures a comfortable and customizable grip. The MSRP for this high-quality pistol starts at $754, and more information on options and colors options is available on FN’s website.

HK VP9SKHeckler & Koch VP9SK

HK’s VP9SK is the subcompact version of the company’s popular VP9 model. Boasting an ergonomic design and featuring the patented HK charging supports for easier manipulation, the VP9SK offers 10+1-round capacity. With an MSRP of $869, the VP9SK caters to enthusiasts who appreciate HK’s renowned quality and design.

Parting Shots

When selecting a compact 9mm semi-automatic pistol for personal defense or concealed carry, the market offers a diverse range of options from reputable manufacturers. Each model mentioned in this roundup brings unique features, design, and price point to cater to a broad audience.



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