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Alien Gear Cloak Dock Gun Mounting System Review

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

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U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- It is no secret I am a big fan of Alien Gear Holsters.

I have a few inside the waistband holsters by Alien Gear and I have a few outside the waistband holsters by them as well. I really like the products they make and I also like how Alien Gear offers free shell tradeouts when you change guns so you don’t have to buy a new holster.

With someone like me who is always changing guns this is great benefit.

I also have used Alien Gear belts. Their belts are made with the great quality I have come to expect from them. They offer a steel core that keeps my pants from sagging when I am carrying my Glock 19. After almost every day wear it still holds up. The price on their items are pretty good as well. Overall Alien Gear offers some great high quality gear at a reasonable price. This is one of the reasons I like to go with Alien Gear.

I was looking for a gun mount system to be able to holster my gun in my car. Some of these systems can get really expensive. After a day of looking at different gun mount systems I saw an ad for the Alien Gear Cloak Dock Mounting System. Since I am very familiar with Alien Gear I decided to look into their mounting system.

Alien Gear Cloak Dock Gun Mounting System

Alien Gear Cloak Dock Gun Mounting System Mounted in your Car
Alien Gear Cloak Dock Gun Mounting System Mounted in your Car

Ultimately I decided to go with the Alien Gear Cloak Dock Mounting System. I know Alien Gear products so a big part of me going with them is that I have never been disappointed with their gear, but there is always a first time for everything. Would this be that first time?

The price is a big selling point for the Cloak Dock Mounting System. This by far was the cheapest of the systems I was looking at purchasing. To be honest even though I know Alien Gear’s quality the price point scared me. It seemed a little too cheap for a good gun mount system.

Part of the cost savings that allows Alien Gear to sell the Cloak Dock Mounting System so cheap is that it uses their Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster so the mounting system is not a complete gun mount system, but if you buy a Cloak Mod OWB Holster the Cloak Dock Mounting System price drops to $10 which is still cheaper than most of the gun mount systems I was looking at for my car.

I was getting the Cloak Dock Mounting System for use in my car. This isn’t the only place that it can be installed. It can mounted in a variety of places. I can see this being used under a desk, or being used on the side a bed frame. It can be mounted almost anywhere that you can drill into.

The Cloak Dock Mounting System was easy to install. Alien Gear included all the hardware that was needed to mount the system. It comes with tons of screws and fasteners. They call it their Cloak Dock Assembly Kit and for good reason. It even includes a drill bit that is the correct size for the install so I didn’t have to dig around looking for the correct size drill bit.

Alien Gear used a durable polymer for the Cloak Dock Mounting System. One thing I noticed about polymer mounting system is a lot of them are flimsy. This wasn’t the case with Alien Gear’s mounting system. It felt strong, and after it was installed it performed better than I expected the mount system to perform.

Alien Gear Cloak Dock IWB Holster Mount
Alien Gear Cloak Dock IWB Holster Mount

So far I have had the Alien Gear Cloak Dock Mounting System installed for a little over a month. It has held up to the wear and tear of frequent use. It is holding up just as good as it did on the first day I installed the mounting system. I don’t think I could break it even if I tried. The rigid polymer has held as well as metal would hold up. I would like to see how well it will have held up after a year.

The Alien Gear holster slid easily into the Cloak Dock Mounting System and held solid. When I went to remove the holster it came out just as smooth as it went in. I was concerned it would either be too hard to insert the holster into the mount, or it would be too hard getting the holster out of the mount. I relieved that this was not an issue with the mounting system.

I do like to carry on my body with concealed carry holsters, but Alien Gear does offer a Cloak Dock IWB Holster Mount that is used with their concealed carry holsters. I have an injury that causes pain when I ride in my car when open carrying so this mounting system has been a lifesaver for me since it allows me to still be able to access my gun quickly when I am driving my car.

Alien Gear does offer a 30 day test drive on their products. They will refund the money of anyone who is not satisfied. To this point I haven’t had to use that refund since I have been satisfied with all my Alien Gear products, but this should take some concern off the people who think that this might not be for them.

The Alien Gear Cloak Dock Mounting System is cheap enough that I am going to get a second one for my second car. This relieves one of the concern I had with the more expensive mounting systems. I didn’t want to spend a lot on two systems for both cars.

In the end Alien Gear did it again. The Cloak Dock Mounting System is great quality at a great price. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a mounting system especially if they already own a Cloak Mod OWB Holster.

The Alien Gear Cloak Dock Mounting System can be purchased at www.aliengearholsters.com

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