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Antifa Member Accused of Killing Trump Supporter Killed In Police Shootout

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

LACEY, WASHINGTON-(Ammoland.com)- The Antifa member that killed Aaron “Jay” Danielson in Portland, OR, is dead.

Members of a federal task force shot and killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while executing an arrest warrant for the admitted communist agitator. The U.S. Marshals Service and the FBI, along with local law enforcement agencies, tracked down the 48-year-old man to Lacey, Washington, where he was hiding out. Lacey is about 120 miles north of Portland, where the shooting of the Trump supporter took place.

On Saturday night, Reinoehl shot and killed Danielson with a fatal shot to the chest. Danielson attended a Patriot Prayer caravan through Portland earlier in the evening. Reinoehl told Vice News that he killed Danielson in self-defense. The video of the situation shows a different scenario than the one the self-proclaimed “Antifa security member” described to Vice News. In the video, a person is heard yelling that they found a Trump supporter; seconds later, shots from Reinoehl gun rang out into the night.

Federal agents from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, along with local police departments, tracked down Reinoehl to Lacey on Thursday and moved to make an arrest. When they approached the wanted man to take him into custody, he pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the officers.

Four of the law enforcement officers open fire on Reinoehl, neutralizing the threat. Reinoehl was hit multiple times by two Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies, an officer from the Lakewood Police Department, and an officer from the Washington State Department of Corrections. Medics pronounced Reinoehl dead at the scene of the confrontation.

It is unclear why Reinoehl was hiding in Lacey. The man is not from Lacey and doesn’t have any ties to the community. Law enforcement officers are not saying how they managed to track down the Antifa terrorist. Still, he has been talking to the media in the past few days about the shooting. He attempted to deflect any responsibility for the killing of Danielson.

Reinoehl has a long history of criminal activity. On July 5th, police arrested the communist for having a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest, and interfering with police. Despite the multiple charges, the courts released the man back into the community. A few weeks later, on July 26th, Reinoehl would get into a fight with a man leaving a bar that he accused of being a “Nazi.” Reinoehl would end up being shot by the man in the arm.

Police also wanted Reinoehl on a warrant out of Baker County for drugs and weapon charges as well as reckless endangerment. In that case, police say that he Antifa member was racing his car against his 17-year-old son while under the influence at 111 mph. Police found his young daughter in his car along with drugs and a loaded gun. Police once again released Reinoehl, who then failed to show up for his court hearing.

Reinoehl has been involved in the violent Antifa protest that has gripped Portland for weeks. He called for open warfare against everyone that was not aligned with the far-left group goals. Police haven’t said if there will be more arrests for the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

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