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Armed Customer Holds Robbery Team at Gun Point

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WMAZ TV 13 & KPRC TV 2 reports in Houston, Texas on 10-1-2016, according to Harris County Sheriff deputies, three males entered the Auto Zone in Jersey Village on Jones Road around 9:00 p.m. holding the employee(s) at gunpoint and demanding cash from the register.

A customer saw the incident occurring as the would-be robbers drove up to the store and decided to step in to help. The customer went inside the store and pulled his gun. He told all three men to get on the ground and release their weapons while they waited for deputies to arrive.

The three suspects laid on the ground, held at gunpoint by the armed citizen until deputies arrived and all three men were arrested.

Deputies said they appreciated the Good Samaritan’s deed, however they do not recommend that people take such a bold move because things could have ended in a shootout and many people could have gotten hurt. DUH!


A courageous act! The armed citizen is a hero for acting to prevent a robbery and quite possibly a few murders. That being clear, I must agree with the Sheriff’s Deputy.

This was an extremely high risk action considering at least the one employee in the store, unknown other customers and any shopping center passersby.

What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything…….

A better solution, say in your car, call 911, record with your cell phone and be ready to react if shooting starts.

The probability of three armed robbers all deciding to surrender is fairly low, but they did! All is well that ends well. Wow!

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