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ATF Proposed Rule Would Upend Firearm Industry And Cripple Hobbyists

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On May 21, ATF published a new proposed rule in the Federal Register entitled Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms.

In part, the Biden Justice Department, through the ATF, is seeking to destroy law-abiding Americans’ ability to make their own firearms for personal use by restricting access to popular items hobbyists and gun-rights enthusiasts use to exercise this right. Americans have enjoyed the right to make firearms for personal use since before the Revolution.

The proposed rule would also create new definitions for the terms “firearm frame or receiver,” “frame or receiver,” “firearm,” “gunsmith,” “complete weapon,” “complete muffler or silencer device,” “privately made firearm,” and “readily.” The new definitions would make it possible for firearms to have more than one “frame or receiver.” This conclusion is at odds with the controlling federal statute and could disrupt the entire firearm industry.

In addition to these changes, ATF is seeking to create an entirely new process for licensed firearm dealers to apply serial numbers to unserialized firearms that come into their possession and to require the indefinite storage of firearm records by licensees. This requirement has no basis in federal statute.

You can read NRA’s comments on this terrible rule at shared.nrapvf.org/sharedmedia/1511453/nra-comments-on-atf-2021r-05.pdf.

Article by A1F Staff

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