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The Democrat party is openly identifying with Communist ideology as they continue to push for outright gun bans, population control and the power to determine what we eat. America is at a dangerous crossroad and the common theme being pushed among conservatives is that we must re-elect Donald Trump or

The recent gun control moves by Walmart and Kroger are the continuation of a larger program by the Left to impose gun control through major corporations whose sway and sphere of control is almost comparable to that of monopolies. In my recent pamphlet, Thought Control Inc, I discussed how the project had

Let’s talk prevention first We’re going to assume your primary goal is to protect your firearms inventory from confiscation—any other conflicting goals should be set aside for a few minutes. If defiantly putting a “Come and take it” sign in your front yard is most important to you, this article

Article first appeared at Fayetteville, AR -( The siren call for gun control has once again lured The Washington Post onto the rocks. In an opinion piece published on-line on the 3rd of September, the Editorial Board calls on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end his “inertia on gun safety” and

This week, San Jose, Calif. Mayor Sam Liccardo took to the pages of the Washington Post to tout a plan to require law-abiding gun owners in his city to purchase firearms insurance. Under the Liccardo proposal, firearms owners would be required to purchase “coverage for accidental discharge of the gun, and for the

Article appeared first at USA – -( Yesterday, we posted an article to the Friends of Save the Second discussion group about this very issue…. it went mostly unnoticed, but there was some back-channel challenge from people who couldn’t verify that Wade Callender has in fact been hired as the new deputy

After decades of NASCAR drivers literally turning left for hours every race day (road course races excluded, of course), the governing body appears to be taking a figurative left turn, politically. K-Var, a retailer in outdoor and shooting sports products, reports that it was told it would need to edit/change an ad submitted earlier

Article posted with permission from Sandpoint Idaho – -( It’s come to this. The city of Sandpoint has refused to comply with state law and is allowing a private party to infringe on your gun rights on public property! Sandpoint’s city attorney sent us a letter informing gun owners that

Doug McMillon is a pathetic and weak person. So pathetic, I bet his wife is disgusted with him, and his two boys must be embarrassed to admit he is their father. If this pitiful person was around 245 years ago, there is a good chance you would have a British

Article first appeared at San Francisco – -( By unanimous vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has adopted a resolution declaring the embattled National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization,” and is urging the city and county of San Francisco to “encourage all other jurisdictions, including other cities, states, and the