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AZ Sheriff to Obama at Gun Control Town Hall Meeting: “I don’t Want Your Endorsement”

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Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is an open sodomite, confronted Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah at a recent town hall meeting where Obama was pushing his illegal executive actions. At the end of Babeu’s question, Obama wished him well in his race for Congress and Sheriff Babeu responded with, “I don’t want your endorsement.”

“The talk and why we’re here is all these mass shootings and yet, you’ve said in your executive action it wouldn’t have even solved one of these,” the sheriff began before being interrupted.

“No, I didn’t say that,” retorted Obama.

It’s true, he didn’t say those words, but in failing to demonstrate when his administration has been asked time and again how their “solutions” would prevent criminals from doing what they do with guns, there is never a logical, well thought out response that says, “Yes, this is how it will stop them.” Instead, we just hear them reiterate their talking points as though the question has never been asked.

“What would it (the executive action) have solved?” asked Babeu.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who hosted the Town Hall, interjected that not one of the weapons that were used were purchased from a licensed dealer. In other words, criminals found ways to obtain guns without doing it according to the pretended law that violates the Second Amendment… surprise!

“Correct,” stated Babeu. “And that’s what I’m speaking to, the executive action that you mentioned earlier.”

Sheriff Babeu said that things like aspirin, toys and cars are not written about in the Constitution and so he wanted to know what Obama would have done to mass shootings and terrorist attacks and those with mental illness and criminals to follow the laws.

First, I think the question is a good one, though I think linking many mentally ill people in with criminals is not helpful. There are some who are criminals who are mentally ill and many who are diagnosed as mentally ill who are not criminals. Mental illness is not something government should be dealing with at all, period.

Frankly, I believe the sheriff should have called out Obama for an illegal use of executive actions on guns as he is not authorized to do so in the Constitution. However, that moment was missed.

Obama went on to patronize Sheriff Babeu, thanking him for his service and asking him if he was sure he wanted to go to Congress.

“I don’t want your endorsement though,” Babeu chuckled.

“I’m sure that’s true,” Obama said as everyone laughed. “That’ll hurt ya.”

Indeed, it will, but as demonstrated below, others caught on to the fact that government is attempting to play the role of the Creator. Yes, I’m speaking about God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who made all things (Genesis1; John 1:1, 3; Col 1:16). They are attempting to engage in “pre-crime,” something that was highly popularized in the film Minority Report, and end crime. Here’s a news flash, you will not end crime by writing pretended legislation and usurping authority you do not have. You will at least make advancements in ending crime by changing people’s hearts with the message of the Gospel!

Kimberly Corban is a rape survivor and pointed out that more gun control only makes it harder for her to obtain a weapon. Obama then spoke about something I think needs to really be addressed and that is violent criminals who are jailed (which is unjust) and then “get out.” Why don’t we deal with violent criminals in the manner our forefathers did and bring justice upon them swiftly. If we did that, they would not be around and, therefore, arguments for background checks would be absolutely worthless, as they pretty much are now.

Taya Kyle, wife of slain American sniper Chris Kyle, chimed in and said that the hope she wants to give Americans is unlike Obama’s. She pointed out that prosecution for lying on ATF forms is low, and it is. In fact, Vice President Joe Biden said they didn’t have time to prosecute people who lie on ATF forms, which is the prerequisite to the background check! She also pointed out that during Obama’s presidency while we are at the lowest murder rate in our country, we are also at the highest level of gun ownership, which completely destroys his arguments about statistics. The hope Taya is speaking of is people not being impeded from obtaining a firearm and referred to what Obama was presenting as a “false sense of hope.”

Kyle rightly pointed out, we have laws against murder (laws, which are lawful and constitutional), but they don’t stop one single person who has murder in their heart and wants to act on it.

The reality is that the Constitution grants absolutely no authority for Congress to write legislation regarding arms nor does it give authority to the Executive Branch to issue orders or create unconstitutional agencies to carry out pretended laws that the Constitution does not provide for. All of these are expressed most simply in the phrase, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment.

That really should be the end of the discussion.

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