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Biden Administration Now Tracking Ammunition Sales (Video)

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Yes, it’s true.  On the heels of seeing ATF agents approach gun owners wanting to see their guns without a warrant to allegedly prevent straw buying, we are discovering that the illegitimate Biden administration is now seeking to track ammunition sales at the point of origin.  This has been confirmed by a couple of ammo suppliers in the united States.

Guns & Gadgets broke down what is going on with documents from the Census Bureau, as well as contacting a local ammo distributor.

Check it out.

Here’s the Census forms mentioned and the letter from the Census Bureau.

God, Family & Guns also reported the same information.

Frankly, this is unlawful and in light of the massive amount of ammo purchases in recent years by all the unconstitutional federal agencies, it seems they are more concerned with the citizens they are supposed to serve rather than the unlawful occupants of federal agencies and their being armed to the teeth with the full backing of the federal government.

It wasn’t that long, 1999 to be specific, the then Texas congressman Ron Paul warned about arming these illegal federal agencies.

Take a listen.

The feds want to know who has the guns and who has the ammo to fire in those guns so that they can concentrate their energies in specific instances, but they aren’t concerned with giving an answer to the people about their own escalation of militarization of unlawful alphabet agencies.

This is tyranny and the People need to fire their employees and dismantle the beast that the US government has become, not vote in new traitors.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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