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Canada’s Justin Trudeau is Both FOR & AGAINST the Gun Registry

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When speaking to English Canada, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is very clear.

He’s against the gun registry. Except that he voted to keep it and would, to use his own words, “vote once again to keep the long-gun registry.”

Curiously, in Quebec he’s totally for the useless and failed project.

Says Trudeau: “I find it’s a very good idea. Because in Quebec it was not at all as divisive as it was elsewhere in the country.”

Is “divisive” the Liberal’s determining factor for good public policy? We don’t think so, but it may be a good indicator that Justin is not quite prime ministerial material – not by a long shot.

It seems apparent that were it not for his famous father, nobody would even know his name. He certainly wouldn’t be the leader of a national political party!

His failure to clearly state his position on Canada’s failed long-gun registry is telling of his leadership abilities. It certainly seems that Mr. Trudeau will pander to whoever is standing in front of him, then backpedal and weasel his way out of it somewhere down the line.

As annoying as that is, Trudeau’s flip-flopping on the gun registry issue isn’t nearly as telling about Liberal Party policy as are the actions of Liberal Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette:

“I developed Bill S-231 around the idea that all firearms should be prohibited except those used in sport shooting, in a controlled environment such as shooting clubs, as well as hunting firearms and those that are collectors’ items.”

Senator Hervieux-Payette is very clear on Liberal policy toward guns and gun owners and spelled out that policy in her Senate Bill S-231, disingenuously titled the “Strengthening Canadians’ Security and Promoting Hunting and recreational Shooting Act” through which she and the Liberal Party of Canada hope to accomplish the following:

  • Prohibit all firearms in Canada except hunting firearms;
  • Limit the definition of hunting firearms to the arms that are “really used” for the purposes of hunting;
  • Limit the transport of circumscribed firearms to transporters, thus controlling the movement of firearms in Canada; and
  • Undo all the provisions of Bill C-42, except for the prohibition on obtaining a licence to possess and acquire firearms following a domestic violence conviction;
  • Stop licensed firearm owners from keeping their hunting rifles in their own homes.

It would appear to us that Senator Hervieux-Payette, and by extension Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, do not believe ordinary Canadians can be trusted with firearms.

Like Justin Trudeau, Senator Hervieux-Payette insists upon lying about Bill C-42 with comments like:

“[t]he day after the Moncton killings that left three RCMP officers dead and another two injured, Canada, under Stephen Harper, granted additional privileges to owners of restricted firearms under Bill C-42, including repealing authorizations to transport.”

Yet Bill C-42 did no such thing. Authorizations to Transport still exist. A person must still abide by all parts of the Transportation Regulations. Bill C-42 simply removed the useless and expensive paper bureaucracy that went with ATTs. If a person is deemed safe enough to possess firearms, they surely must be safe enough to transport them to and from the shooting range.

Liberals clearly don’t believe that’s true, and clearly the Liberal leopard has not changed its spots. Trudeau’s party still doesn’t believe Canadians can be trusted with firearms, and that says far more about the Liberal Party than it does about Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners.

Gun owners need to remember Justin Trudeau’s mantra on election day:

“I voted to keep the firearms registry a few months ago and if we had a vote tomorrow I would vote once again to keep the long-gun registry.”

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