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All of these solutions are simple and easily achievable compared to making bureaucrats do their job. All are worth it because each one saves lives.

The fight for our Second Amendment rights is entering a new phase. This time, though, the stakes are far higher. Corporate gun control is going to be difficult, but not impossible, to defeat. It just will take a long time.

There is no logical reason to prevent the travel of legally armed residents, only the superstitious fear of firearms in the hands of ordinary people by hoplophobes and would be dictators.

I tested the Glock 33-round magazine in several Glock pistols, firing at an angle and even upside down. The magazine never failed to feed and the pistols never failed to feed, chamber, fire, or eject.

What’s to stop someone from abusing the law? Can you imagine breaking up with your significant other, then they turn around and tell officials you’ve got a gun and they’re afraid you might use it because you’re either distraught or angry? And what’s to keep a vehement anti-gunner from just turning in your name on a whim, simply because they know you have a gun?

How strange that judges know a law is bad if it applies to them, yet they are willing to apply it to us.

Gun control folks have no forgiveness for anyone or anything that seems to have an opinion that opposes their own.

Soros has built the anti-gun Open Society Foundations into one of the largest philanthropic organizations and the New York Times reported that the billionaire’s gift to the group was “one of the largest transfers of wealth ever made by a private donor to a single foundation.”

Today, the media is part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

If you’re tired of your box of holsters and want to have a range-ready rig that can be used to build your handgun skills, then the Omnivore is probably the easiest grab-and-go, multi-fit rig on the market.