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It seems the cool factor is what led creator Ivan Santic to name it “The Punisher.”

The MVP Precision is no hasty attempt to catch the chassis trend, but a crafty plot to another understated coup.

Reliable, versatile, and just nifty as can be, the SIG Rattler packs unprecedented levels of awesome into the tiniest of packages.

The RRAGE is a solid performer if you are looking for a lightweight carbine and are determined on mounting an optic only. As that seems to be the trend these days, I think this would make for a fine entry level rifle for anyone looking for a home-defense or target rifle.

Ruger was able to increase the GP100’s capacity to seven rounds by simply decreasing the spacing between the chambers of the revolver’s fluted cylinder and by altering the timing and placement of the cylinder latch lockup points.

All right, we’ll address the most-obvious issue right off the bat here: “budget” and “.50 BMG” are two words that probably don’t belong in the same sentence. Any gun that burns a minimum of $3 with each pull of the trigger definitely isn’t what we’d call a “common man’s” rifle,

The MKA 1923 combines the speed and maneuverability of a traditional bullpup with the stopping power of the quintessential shotgun. Making this compact beast the perfect tool for home protection, 3 gun competition or even just some fun on the range.

While this rifle is obviously intended to serve as an understudy to the center-fire Precision, its target-grade accuracy, reliability and feature set make it an ideal option for rimfire competition.

When Sweden placed an export ban on its submachine gun in 1967 due to U.S. involvement in Vietnam, the Army went to the powers that be at Smith & Wesson for a solution, who produced a copy of the Carl Gustav Submachine Gun which became the Model 76 SMG.

Kirsten Joy Weiss has built a huge followTube with more than 124,000 subscribers. In her latest video, she tackles a pretty tricky shot:  A standing shot with a .22 rifle at an egg at 300 yards. Yep, she missed the first couple of times, but the shots are incredibly close.