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Coach & Teacher Shot Dead Along w/ Teenager Killed In Drug Cartel Stash House Robbery

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Life is short. Shorter for some than others!” ~ Captain Augustus “Gus” McCrae (played by Robert Duvall) in the 1989 TV adaptation of the 1985 Larry Mcurtry Western novel, “Lonesome Dove”

In otherwise-peaceful NC, on 8 Apr 21, a local otherwise-respectable basketball coach and another man were found shot to death in an Alamance County trailer park.

The basketball coach was apparently, and most unwisely, dabbling in the illegal drug trade. Heavily-armed cartel members unexpectedly showed up, and shots were exchanged.

The “teacher, along with a teenager that police say was a “drug runner” were both shot to death last week in what the local sheriff has described as an “old western shootout” after the apparent botched robbery attempt of a notorious Mexican cartel.

Barney Dale Harris, 40, was found dead wearing a bulletproof vest, mask, and gloves in the early hours of April 8 inside a trailer in Green Level, N.C. after police responded to reports of gunfire at a trailer, the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday. Another man, 18-year-old Alonso Beltran Lara, was found shot at the same location; he was transported to a local hospital where he later died. Steven Alexander Stewart, Jr., Harris’s brother-in-law, was arrested over the weekend in relation to the incident.”

No arrests so far.

Violent Mexican drug cartels enjoy an active presence all across the USA, and they have no compunction about enforcing territorial claims and protecting cash flow, as well as “product”

Under the Biden Administration’s current open-border policy, cartel members freely move back and forth.

Benign, camouflaged drug stashes, and routes are actively protected, via furious gunfire and other forms of violence.

Those running the illegal drug trade are extremely competitive, paranoiac, territorial, and precipitously violent.

Accordingly, those who come across drug stashes and active drug transport, under any circumstances, are in substantial peril, be they LEO or not.

Naive and gullible American citizens, who think they can make extra money by selling/distributing/transporting illegal drugs and drug money, have no idea whom they’re dealing with.

Thus, those who get mixed up in the illegal drug trade, at any level, needn’t concern themselves with “retirement planning.”

… as we see!


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