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Congressman Thomas Massie Warns How Both Parties Are Looking To Take Your Guns

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Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie (R) has consistently warned the American people about what those in Washington, DC are attempting to do to infringe on their rights which are protected under the Second Amendment, and he’s doing it again.  This time it concerns the STOP School Violence Act.

In a video he shared on social media, Massie encouraged citizens to stand up for their rights by being informed on what is taking place and that there is a small window of opportunity to act.

“We’ve got about a week to act,” Massie said. “I want to let you know what’s going on in Congress as far as gun control goes. You’ve heard a lot of ideas floating in the news—raising the legal age to buy a long gun, for instance—or a new assault weapons ban. Any number of bad things have been mentioned. But I wanted to boil it down for you.”

Massie then broke it down.

“What’s actually going to happen, the gun control play they’re going to run here in Congress is the one that, unfortunately, I predicted back in December,” Massie said.

In December,  H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, stated that its purpose was to amend “the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun into or possess a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to carry concealed firearms.”

See that?  Only a “qualified individual could carry a handgun or possess a concealed handgun in another state that ‘allows’ individuals to carry concealed firearms.”

I told you to be wary of National Reciprocity simply on the basis that it is a national “permission” to exercise you God-given rights that don’t need permission to exercise, but rather protection from government infringement.  Massie did too.

“I warned folks when they put inside of it a bill called “FIX NICS” that they were sneaking into it a gun control that was endorsed by Senator Feinstein and Senator Schumer,” Massie said.  “Well, unfortunately, that warning has turned out to be true.”

The “Fix NICS Act” would amend the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to “require each federal agency and department, including a federal court, to certify whether it has provided to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) disqualifying records of persons prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm.”

Massie then played a recording of his warning and prediction from December in the form of a podcast recording with Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review.

During that interview, Massie said that the gun grabbers would wait till the next shooting where the NICS system fails to enact more unconstitutional gun control legislation.

“Our leadership promised members here in Congress that they would not bring the “Fix NICS” bill – the gun control bill – to the floor, and if they didn’t at least bring the reciprocity bill with it the same way they did it previously,” Massie said.  “And 40 members of Congress thanked them for their promise and then sent them a letter that said ‘We write to communicate that we will oppose any attempt to bring ‘Fix NICS’ to the floor of the house for a vote unless it includes language substantially similar to, or identical to, that of HR 38.”

Massie warned his colleagues that they were being setup by leadership that National Reciprocity was just a Trojan horse.

So what’s wrong with the Fix NICS bill?

Massie explains that there are several problems with it, namely that it takes away rights from people who have not committed a crime, namely some veterans.

He said that there are veterans who have told the Veterans Administration that someone else manages their money and off they go to remove the rights protected under the Second Amendment of veterans who fought to protect those rights.  Doesn’t sound right, does it?  Nope, it’s downright criminal but flies under the “color of law.”

“They put you in the NICs database but it also not only can you not go to a store and buy a gun, it’s illegal for you to possess a gun or even to possess ammunition, and veterans are getting thrown into this system every day,” Massie said.  “They’re having their right to own a gun stripped merely because they say they don’t manage their own finances.”

Of course, this is a policy of the Marxist usurper-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah that comes from the previous attempt to “fix” the NICS system.

The NICS system is unconstitutional.  It wouldn’t even be necessary if justice was brought down on the heads of violent criminals.  We wouldn’t be housing them, we’d be burying them and law-abiding citizens wouldn’t be going through this asinine process concerning the purchase of arms nor the keeping and bearing them.

Massie says that members of Congress know this is going on and apparently, they are complicit in infringing on the rights of our veterans by not doing anything about it.

“I know they know because a year ago, almost to the week, in March, we passed a bill called 1181 The Veteran’s Second Amendment Protection Act,” the Kentucky congressman said.  “It was going to fix the problem at the VA where veterans were being deprived of their Second Amendment rights without due process, no judicial review.

While it passed in the House with almost all Republicans voting for it and a few Democrats, it stalled in the Senate.

So, this little issue has already been known by members of Congress and yet, they are doing nothing about it.

However, Massie says that the problem will only get worse if the Fix NICS bill.

“What FIX NICS does – this has been introduced by Cornyn in the Senate and it has Feinstein and Schumer’s full support,” said Massie.  “In fact, they’re co-sponsors.”

“What Fix NICS does is it throws money at the states to put more names into the database and it penalizes workers at the VA if they don’t rigorously turn in these
veterans’ names into the next database,” he continued.  “Now, they’re pretending this has something to do with the shooting in Florida.  It has nothing to do with the shooting in Florida.”

He then reminded everyone of who dropped the ball on the alleged shooting in Florida, the FBI, not veterans and not the American people.

However, Fix NICS won’t deal with the failure of the FBI, will it?  Nope, not even a good firing of bad cops up there nor a removal of their bonuses.

Now, nothing in this bill will stop a mass shooting nor would it have stopped the Parkland shooting.

One thing that would be helpful is Massie’s HR34, the Safe Students Act, which repeal the federal gun-free school zone Act of 1990.

Since more than 90% of all mass shootings take place in gun-free zones, that is a step in the right direction, and to follow up, the rights of school staff and teachers should be restored to carry their guns as well.

“Until we start doing things like that, we’re just advertising our children as being vulnerable in these schools in these gun-free zones because as you well know, 98 percent of mass public shootings happen in a gun-free zone,” Massie said.  “I say put our kids into two percent where they’re safe instead of the 98 percent where they are vulnerable.”

Next week, the Republican leadership is bringing Fix NICS to the floor of the House and Massie warns that they will sugarcoat the bill, but what it is is nothing more than more gun confiscation legislation.

They know it will not do one thing to stop mass shootings but they are using it to wrap a more devious gun confiscation scheme in it.  You’ve been warned, and no doubt, President Donald Trump will back it all the way to his desk.  He’s already shown his true colors on the Second Amendment, as if many of us didn’t expect it in the first place.

So, contact your representative and senator and tell them to not support HR4909, the STOP School Violence Act.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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