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Dallas ‘Swats’ Deadly CSGV Advice on Open Carry

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland.com – The City of Dallas has released a video and a “Frequently Asked Questions” guide to advise the public about changes to Texas open carry laws that will go in effect on January 1, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Citizens with concealed carry permits will be allowed to openly carry handguns in non-prohibited areas.

Realizing that the change will take some people time to get used to, the city is seeking to calm and educate the public, and to ensure its police officers know how to respond to calls about armed citizens. True, Texas law still requires a permit and it still provides for “gun free zones,” but this shows the citizen disarmament lobby isn’t the only side that can advance goals through incremental gains.

Knowing that there are some so angered by this setback to their agenda that they’re willing to put lives (of others) at risk to throw a wrench into things, the city felt it necessary to add a question and answer to its FAQ. The following specifically addresses danger caused by those who would rather see people dead than armed through the evil practice of “swatting”:

Does DPD have a strategy to detect fake 911 calls? For example, there is a group that has told its members to call 911 and report that persons openly carrying are committing a crime to get a police response.

911 will be trained to handle these types of calls.

What group might they be referring to? One that’s been pointed out numerous times over the past several months is the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which last July posted the following “advice” on its Facebook page:

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, calls for swatting of innocent gun owners.
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, calls for swatting of innocent gun owners.

After doubling down on their stance in September, CSGV repeated the invitation to disaster last week.

What does Dallas have to say on the matter in its FAQ?

Before calling, take time to observe what the person is doing. Ask yourself whether the person is doing anything that looks suspicious. Just because the person is openly carrying a handgun does not mean he has no right to do so. If you call 911 to verify whether a person is lawfully openly carrying a handgun, officers will come based on 911 training and information provided on the call.

The dangers of the CSGV approach should be clear. Both citizens and police are unnecessarily placed at heightened risk by hysterical and/or malicious 911 calls.

As even The New York Times — no friend to gun owners — has reported, “Internet trolls have learned to exploit our over-militarized police. It’s a crime that’s hard to stop — and hard to prosecute.”

“This should be done in a thoughtful manner. And no false reporting,” CSGV backpedaled when reminded of a fatal apparent swatting of a black shopper who was holding a pellet gun on sale at Walmart. But the afterthought attempt at plausible deniability rings hollow.

“It’s insane that the people of Akron, Ohio should have to tolerate this dangerous degenerate in their community,” CSGV railed, making no attempt to mask its seething hatred for an open carrier who had broken no laws, and who was even willing to sit down and explain his thoughts on firearms and freedom to an anti-gun bigot who had screamed profanities at him.

“NRA laws are allowing potential mass shooters to confront our families without any fear of being disarmed prior to opening fire.”

In other words, they’re furious that there are legal restraints to discourage police from drawing down on a citizen simply for having a gun, because of what someone could do. Using their rationale, this shows it doesn’t matter if that gun is openly carried or concealed. The more properly-named Coalition to Initiate Gun Violence doesn’t want you to be allowed to do either.  The bottom line is, if you carry a gun, they consider you a threat justifying an armed police response, and all the lethal dangers that entails.

Using that rationale, everyone with hands is a potential strangler and everyone with matches a potential arsonist. And guess what that makes every male…?

The video prepared by the City of Dallas elaborates on the new Texas open carry law. Isn’t it revealing that self-designated “gun safety” groups have not seen fit to share it or the FAQ with their followers?

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