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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- U.S. Presidential elections are never small matters. But, this coming Presidential election, less than three months away, takes on inordinate importance—more so than any other Presidential election in our Nation’s history. For, depending on the outcome, Americans will either preserve their history, along with their sacred heritage, culture, and Christian ethos, or they will lose all of it. Recent events bear this out.

The continuation of our Nation in the form our founders established for the American people, a free Constitutional Republic, and a sovereign people rests in the fundamental, unalienable, immutable, illimitable rights bestowed on them and in them by the loving Divine Creator—rights codified in the Nation’s Bill of Rights: most importantly, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and the right of free speech.

A reasonable person need not guess but knows there are forces both inside and outside our Nation that intend to destroy our free Republic and to subjugate our people. This has been well underway for thirty years. Americans certainly sensed it. They saw it in those who previously served as U.S. President.

The forces aligned against the Country expected the process to undermine the Nation to continue under the “reign” of Hillary Clinton.

Those forces were in for a shock. The shoo-in for the President lost, and the meticulously orchestrated process to destroy our Republic derailed.

The electorate voted into Office a successful businessman, not a Washington politician, Donald J. Trump.

The pushback against Trump came swiftly and severely. It came from multiple quarters within our Nation: from Congress, the federal Bureaucracy, the Press, the academia, the media and technology companies, even by jurists. The public saw, in this, proof of extensive infiltration of our Nation by seditious forces.

Americans saw how relentless the assault on the 45th President of the United Sates became and continues to be. Yet, Donald Trump has worked doggedly these past four years, doing his best to preserve our Nation in the form the founders gave to us. It has been no easy task for him; and painful for those in the electorate who voted for him, to watch.

Americans witnessed ludicrous attempts to oust President Trump from Office; and witnessed incessant, continuous, and ruthless assaults on Trump, upon his staff, and even his family.

Americans also bore witness to horrendous acts of sabotage within the Trump Administration. Unperturbed Trump soldiered on, ever mindful of his Oath of Office, set forth in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, and of the faith the American electorate placed in him to adhere to his Oath. All attempts to oust Donald Trump have, fortunately, failed and failed miserably.

At their wit’s end these malevolent, malignant, sinister forces aligned against the American people dare to end the Trump Presidency and crush the American citizenry into submission. But they must now do so at the voting booth. That is all they have left.

These forces include a loose coalition of Marxists, Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Neoconservative Statists, Neoliberal Globalists, and Radical Feminists; and they have outsize power, organization, and money. Not surprisingly, they would back an individual whom they know they can control.

Their selection, Joseph R. Biden, is nothing more than a doddering fool; a physical, emotional wreck of a man; a mentally feeble, corrupt and corrupting figure; a man lacking conviction, moral compass, or even a sense of purpose; a specter; more dead than alive—someone who will not and cannot lead a Nation; someone who is, unsurprisingly, emblematic of and perfectly suited to the task of serving as a figurehead; a stand-in for those forces that seek only to increase their personal monetary wealth at the expense of the Nation, and to usurp the power from the American people, dragging an independent, sovereign Nation State down to ruin.

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The electorate has an opportunity to save itself and the Nation by reelecting Donald Trump. But——

Can Americans Expect A Fair Election in November?

The forces aligned against Trump have no intention of permitting a fair election. That is clear and obvious.

The American People Have the Right to See Their Presidential Candidates Debate Within Their Verbal Crosshairs

The forces that wish to defeat Trump in November express justifiable concern if there’s a debate.

Joe Biden would crumple, and they know it. Even assuming the assistance of sympathetic debate moderators, Trump would flay Biden alive. Biden would have nowhere to hide.

Trump has shown his mettle in resisting relentless, vicious, virulent, vile attacks by Democrats and the Press.

It is difficult to believe Biden could withstand the pressures a U.S. President must contend with. Trump has become a tested, battle-hardened warrior. Biden, in comparison, hasn’t even undertaken basic training. He would be manipulated by and intimidated by others.

In the few instances where Biden’s handlers have allowed him to speak at all, Biden’s mental confusion manifests itself. It is excruciating and embarrassing to watch. He is a man obviously in the throes of irremediable, crippling dementia.

Understandably, Biden’s handlers would wish to keep him under wraps. But, the public wants, even demands, to see how Biden stacks up one-on-one against Trump. So, despite the many serious and obvious risks, Biden’s handlers and supporters have had to acquiesce to the call for debates, however grudgingly.

“The nationally televised presidential debate occupies a role of singular significance in American politics. In sheer scope of importance, in extent of audience interest and breadth of media coverage, the debate stands alone among campaign events. In short, in an age in which the importance of media exposure for informing the electorate, amassing voter support, and waging a successful campaign is axiomatic, televised presidential debates matter.” “Non-Major-Party Candidates and Televised Presidential Debates The Merits Of Legislative Inclusion., 141 U. Pa. L. Rev. 973, January, 1993, by Keith Darren Eisner, Cornell University; J.D. Candidate 1993, University of Pennsylvania.

Consider the results of the 1960 election.

“Over 100 million Americans saw at least one of the debates, and the average audience for the four debates was around 71 million viewers. These viewers saw a contrast in images and styles that ultimately helped determine the winner of the 1960 election. . . . Post-election polls found 57% of voters reporting that the candidates’ performances in the debates had ultimately influenced their voting choice; 6% reported that they based their final decision on the debates alone—and Kennedy won the support of 72% of this group. If the poll results are accurate, then two million people voted for Kennedy strictly on the basis of the debates—a margin more than sufficient to change the outcome of the election.” “The Designated Nonpublic Forum: Remedying the Forbes Mistake,” 67 Alb. L. Rev. 89, 2003, by Tim Cramm, M.D., University Of Arkansas, 1997; J.D., University Of Iowa, 2002.

It is remarkable that the wimp, Biden, would be able to garner any votes at all. Those who support him do so out of self-interest. It is doubtful anyone in his camp respects him. He would be a travesty as President of the United States, and a fitting symbol of the Nation’s demise. So, Biden must be defeated. But—

Can the Public Trust in a Fair, Impartial U.S. Presidential Election in November?

Apart from the matter of U.S. Presidential debates, there is the real possibility of voter fraud.

“It is unfortunately true that in the great democracy in which we live, voter fraud has had a long and studied role in our elections. Maintaining the security of our voter registration and voting process, while at the same time protecting the voting rights of individuals and guaranteeing their access to the polls, must be our foremost objective. Unlike what certain advocates in the civil rights community believe, these goals are not mutually exclusive. “Securing the Integrity of American Elections: The Need for Change,” 9 Tex. Rev. Law & Pol. 27, Spring, 2005, by Publius (pseudonym); Publius is an attorney who specializes in election issues.

Can the public expect transparency in the coming general election?

“Transparency in elections is a key pillar of a functioning democracy. Since the founding of this country, those who run elections have understood that democratic legitimacy depends on public confidence in the conduct of elections. “Rethinking Transparency in U.S. Elections,” 75 Ohio St. L.J. 779, 2014, by Rebecca Green, Professor of the Practice of Law, William & Mary Law School.

Voting by mail overshadows voting at polls, and may, eventually, become universal, making voting at polls obsolete, but at what cost to the maintenance of honest elections? Is this really the answer to getting more Americans to vote?

“In the past, many states required voters who requested to vote by mail to provide an excuse for why they could not vote at the polls on election day [“absentee ballot voting”]. States often created lists of permissible excuses entitling voters to mail-in ballots. Today, twenty-seven states (and the District of Columbia) allow no-excuse absentee or mail-in voting. Three states, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, are experimenting with all-mail elections, doing away with polling places altogether.

In addition to expanded mail-in voting, many states have introduced and expanded early in-person voting opportunities (EIPV). As distinguished from voting by mail, EIPV allows voters to cast ballots at designated locations for a specified period before election day. Early voting garnered significant attention in the 2012 election. Campaigns pushed supporters to cast early ballots for a variety of strategic reasons. In 2012, President Obama became the first major presidential candidate to cast an early vote.” Id.

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Biden’s image makers know the less the public sees and hears Biden, the better. Biden’s surrogates, a host of handlers, and a sympathetic, seditious Press have constructed a false image of Biden. It is a fragile image easily undercut through public appearances and shattered by a one-to-one match-up with Trump. This is precisely why the Press, along with Biden’s handlers, support early voting and why they seek to delay a Presidential debate.

The forces driving Biden’s White-House bid must rely on deception. That raises the question whether the upcoming November 2020 Presidential election will be reasonable, fair, impartial, transparent, and honest.

Unfortunately, Americans have no certainty that massive voter fraud won’t occur. The messy election outcomes we have seen of late show inefficiencies and mistakes, both of which lend to the possibility of rampant fraud occurring in the general election.

The Radical Leftists and Neoliberal Globalists, frantically seeking to install their puppet, Biden, in the Oval Office, must rely on early voting, fraudulent mail-in voting, and Presidential debate avoidance to secure a win in November.

If successful, the forces that have worked for decades to destroy our free Republic and to erase our Nation’s history, heritage, and culture will be able once again to press ahead with their plans.

To prevent this Trump must prevail in November. Much is up to you.


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